Lucid Dreaming: A Quiz about Demographics

Lucid Dreaming: A Quiz about Demographics by Kelly BulkeleyIn a survey of 2992 American adults, who said yes more often to the question of whether they’ve ever had a lucid dream, i.e. a dream of being aware they are dreaming?  The first person to guess all the right answers gets a free copy of one of my books.

 Men or women? 

People between the ages of 30 and 49 or people age 65 and older?

Whites, African-Americans, or Hispanics?

People who make less than $25,000a year or people who make more than $100,000 a year?

People who are politically progressive or people who are very conservative?

People who live in the Southern US or people who live in the Western US?

McCain voters or Obama voters?

People who say they are “spiritual not religious” or people who say they are neither spiritual nor religious?

Good luck!

12 Replies to “Lucid Dreaming: A Quiz about Demographics”

    1. Steven Bauman told me, “I would go with what Tim said but change #2 Hispanics, to Whites.”

      Nope, that drops the score to 5 out of 7 right.

  1. 1) 30 and 49
    2) Whites
    3) Less than 25000
    4) Progressive
    5) Southern US
    6) Obama
    7) neither spiritual nor religious

    P.S. I think you made a mistake with the previous comment. How did the score drop to 5 out of 7 with the same answer a Bobby Ann Pimm?

  2. Hi! I’m a recent Berkeley grad researching dreams for an activity at my church! I’m really interested in knowing the correct answers to some of these. Is it:

    1) 30 and 49
    2) African American
    3) Less than 25000
    4) Progressive
    5) Southern US
    6) Obama
    7) Spiritual not religious

    1. You got five of seven right, so you knew most of it already!
      BTW, everyone so far has skipped the gender question. Is it too obvious?

    1. 5 of 7, and still wondering about gender.
      Here’s a hint: everyone has been right about the age, income, and political ideology.

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