Among All These Dreamers: Essays on Dreaming and Modern Society

amongallthesedreamersAmong All These Dreamers: Essays on Dreaming and Modern Society.
(Edited anthology)
By Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D.
SUNY, 1996

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Blurbs and Reviews

“[F]or American dreamers and scholars who still consider dreams and dream studies as primarily intrapsychic and psychological phenomena, this book is an extremely valuable attempt to reverse the trend and to move in the direction of social involvement and social responsibility.”
—Mary-Therese Dombeck, American Anthropologist

Table of Contents

I. Dreams and Social Reform
1. Dreams and Social Responsibility: Teaching a Dream
Course in the Inner-City. Jane White-Lewis
2. The 55-Year Secret: Using Nightmares to Facilitate
Psychotherapy in a Case of Childhood Sexual Abuse.
Marion A. Cuddy and Kathryn E. Belicki
3. Seeking the Balance: Do Dreams Have a Role in
Natural Resource Management? Herbert W. Schroeder
II. Dreams and Dialogues with “Others”
5. Reflections on Dreamwork with Central Alberta Cree:
An Essay on an Unlikely Social Action Vehicle. Jayne
6. Sex, Gender, and Dreams: From Polarity to Plurality.
Carol Schreier Rupprecht
III. Dreams, Spirituality, and Modernity
7. Traversing the Living Labyrinth: Dreams and
Dreamwork in the Psychospiritual Dilemma of the
Postmodern World. Jeremy Taylor
8. Invitation at the Threshold: Pre-Death Spiritual
Experiences. Patricia Bulkley
9. Western Dreams about Eastern Dreams. Wendy Doniger
IV. Dreams and Critical Reflections on “Our” Culture
10. Political Dreaming: Dreams of the 1992 Presidential
Election. Kelly Bulkeley
11. Healing Crimes: Dreaming Up the Solution to the
Criminal Justice Mess. Bette Ehlert
12. Let’s Stand Up, Regain Our Balance, and Look Around
at the World. Johanna King
13. Conclusion