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  1. The mystery of Diamond’s appearance after death in dreams and reality

    Diamond, born in 1893 at Howrah Town(adjacent to Calcutta) had spontaneous innumerable divine realizations since his childhood and ultimately attained Godhood through the process of Rajyoga in his body thus being transformed into every human being’s own self as described in Upanishads.
    He is seen by innumerable people in dreams without being heard or seen before. Afterwards, somehow or other, they come to him,corroborate their visions. It is their consciousness or life power which assumes the form of Diamond and they see him ultimately in dreams leading them towards perfectness and giving divine peace and happiness in their lives.
    Diamond wrote two books. One in English ‘Religion and Realization’ and another in Bengali’Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ based on his personal realizations and strangely, by merely reading these books numerous people use to see him in dreams and also in reality.
    But it is beyond any explanation, that still now he appears among countless people in dreams and reality even after 43 years of his demise and it is spreading not only in this country but in other parts of the world which are being recorded regularly. This establishes the fact that his soul has been transformed into the soul of humanities.Soul is One and Immortal. So long human being exist, he will exist with his form within every human being.
    Such is the phenomenon happening since early part of 20th century and still continuing raising a question mark in the history of dreamworld.

  2. Diamond and my lifelong divine dreams experiences

    Diamond born in 1893 at Howrah Town(adjacent to Calcutta, now Kolkata) had spontaneous innumerable divine realizations since his childhood and ultimately attained supremacy through the process of Rajyoga in his body thus being transformed into every human being’s own Self as described in Upanishads written thousands of years ago.
    He is seen by innumerable people in dreams without being heard or seen before. Afterwards, somehow or other, they come, see and corroborate their visions. It is their consciousness or life-power which assumes the form of Diamond and they see him ultimately in dreams leading them towards perfectness and giving divine peace and happiness in their lives.
    Diamond wrote two books. One in English ‘Religion and Realisation’ and another in Bengali ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ based on his personal realizations . And merely reading these books innumerable readers use to see him in dreams and in reality even after his demise in 1967.
    My Divine Dreams:
    My divine dreams started at the age of 18 in 1959 after getting Diamond as my God-The-Preceptor in dream. I came in contact with him in 1959, but after 3 years got detached due to my higher studies. After long 13 years he again appeared in my dream forecasting about my future life which came true in my waking life in the long run. Since 1959, I have innumerable divine dreams numbering 710 till now which still continues, covering a wide range of aspects. All these dreams are recorded datewise which may be of great interest to research workers in future and will be realized how divine dreams change a human life from animality to divinity, transforming a man to Brahmahood which is a birthright of every human being.
    My dreams cover the following aspects:
    1) Indication of my progress in austerity;
    2) Out of body experiences;
    3) Near and after death experiences;
    4) Vision of far and near past;
    5) Vision of far and near future;
    6) Vision of Great Prophets;

  3. My first near death experience in my boyhood

    It was an afternoon in the month of September – October 1956 . The place was Durgapur of West Bengal State, India . A boy of 14 years old was stood on the portico of their quarter under the clear open sky .
    Suddenly his eyes closed and gradually lost his body senses. It seemed to him that he was approaching towards the galaxy. Everything including the earth stars and the whole universe vanished and he fell in a Void zone . It persisted for a few seconds and then all on a sudden he came back to his body sense . With agreat surprise he noticed that he was standing on the same place .
    The boy had no idea what it was . After long 20 years passing through innumerable realizations he came to realize that it was the same realization experienced by Swami Vivekananda when Sri Ramkrishna touched his body .
    This realization was like this — It was the spontaneous revelation of self in a human body .The door of Susumna nerve (leading to cerebrum or 7th plane from the root of spinal chord) opened .
    The same realization was experienced two times. Once in 1959 emmediately after coming in contact with Diamond or Jibankrishna who became his God-the-Preceptor in dreams guiding and teaching him Yogas in dreams throughout his life . Second time happened in 1976 when actual realization revealed in his mind . The first dream came thus during my regular contact with Diamond .

    1) Vision of my Previous birth May, 1959 .

    In my first dream Sri Ramkrishna Deva., was seen sitting on a Cot in a hut . The dream went off .I woke up and again slept and dreamed -. Sri Ramkrishna was lying on the floor being attacked by Cancer. The house was two storied an seemed to be unknown. He was giving his blessings on numerous devotees and then turned towards me as if with an intention that whatever I would want he was ready to give it to me. But I wanted nothing and kept silent . All on a sudden I saw the Holy goddess Kali at the door in place of Sri Ramkrishna and then again was transformed into Sri Ramkrishna

    [ When I narrated this dream to Diamond he interpreted that it showed my previous. birth with Sri Ramkrishna.
    However, the most striking feature was that, in the year 1960, when I was posted in Govt. service. I had to go to Cossipore, Udyanbati (garden house where Sri Ramkrishna was staying being attacked by Cancer and here he showered his blessings on devotees) for same advisory work on Agriculture. Being there I. got surprised after seeing the house .The same house with same doors and windows .I saw in my dream in 1959 . After long years I came to know the mystery of rebirth that as the shole universe including past, present and future is within our brain and whenever required, it flashes through dreams. Thus annihilation of time and space occurs within us.]

    2) My first achievement of God the Preceptor

    In the last part of 1959, I saw Diamond first in my dream. He was seated on his cot at his residence. This was my achievement of God-the-Preceptor in the form of Diamond who guided and taught me numerous
    lessions on yoga throughout my life as will be revealed gradually .

  4. 3) My second experience of near-death condition

    In the year 1964, In my dream, I felt a snake bite and realized that the death was knocking at the door. Surprisingly, I felt no pain. When I was on the verge of death, suddenly my dream went off and I woke up .
    [The meaning of this dream was realized after 10 long years when I understood that this was a touch of ‘Sthita samadhi’ when the scattered life-power within a human body gets collected and assembled in the
    cerebrum and it gives the touch of death , though, by the grace of God-the Preceptor the seer. Overcomes death to attend a new and higher spiritual life.
    Then there was a long gap for eight years. When I had no realizations except being busy with my service followed by research work.
    Then in the year 1972, one dream completely changed my way of life and this will be an interesting story in the world of divine dreams.]

    Indication of my future

    4) It was sometime in February-March, 1972, One night I saw in a dream that one of my uncle I was telling me, ‘you will make revolution in Agriculture; Here the dream went off .
    [ Firstly, I couldn’t grasp the real meaning. But after four years, the meaning flashed in me like this; In microcosm Agriculture means to cultivate a human body (land). After cultivation crops are produced. So, after cultivation of the body by God, innumerable realizations are grown within the body. The inner meaning is that in future the seer will have numerous divine realizations by the grace of God.]
    Then came the day which became the turning point of my life.

  5. Forecast of God-the-Preceptor about me in dream

    5) March, 1972. I dreamt that I had gone to one of my friend ‘s house at Howrah Town (near Kolkata) to collect the 2nd and 3rd part of a book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (written by Diamond based on his personal realizations). But they said that thay had not a single book. So I came out and aimlessly roamed here and there and unmindfully reached the residence of Diamond where; I found Diamond sitting on his cot in his room. Secing me he only uttered without asking anything : Hey! you will write the 2nd and 3rd part of ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’. Then and there the dream went off .
    [ I gave no importance on it, But within 2-3 days some urge appeared in my mind to find this book. Strangely, I had no idea that book was already written by Diamond. I thought, I might have to write this book. As days passed on, some force began to arise within me for Diamond and gradually my mind began to change from the worldly affairs towards the world of Diamond where I felt that the true religion means the spontaneous evolution of life power within a human body to be transformed into God .
    Thus a new divine life began in me together with my material world , and was bloomed with innumerable strange and unique dreams enriching my mind and thoughts .
    After several years when I had undergone & various realizations, I realized what was its real meaning. I realized that my God-the-Preceptor wanted to say that in future I would have various realizations mentioned in the 2nd and 3rd part of ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’. Because’ to write; means fixation of the affects of realizations within the body
    Note : In real life, this actually happened when I had experienced many realizations as mentioned in the 2nd and 3rd part of the book.]

  6. . Vision of future of the seer

    7) May3,1972: Early morning dream : A girl was seated in front of me, as if she would be married to me. I felt very upset. All on a sudden I observed that Sri Ramkrishna was sitting behind the girl with a sweet smiling face having an affectionate look on me. I had nothing but looking at him helplessly. Suddenly he took a paper and wrote on it that my marriage would be cancelled. Then the dream went off .
    [The dream could not be followed for a long time, but gradually the effect of the dream came in my life in a way that the feelings for ritualistic marriage was eradicated from my mind and so ultimately remained bachelor] .

  7. . Vision of my future

    7) May3,1972: Early morning dream : A girl was seated in front of me, as if she would be married to me. I felt very upset. All on a sudden I observed that Sri Ramkrishna was sitting behind the girl with a sweet smiling face having an affectionate look on me. I had nothing but looking at him helplessly. Suddenly he took a paper and wrote on it that my marriage would be cancelled. Then the dream went off .
    [The dream could not be followed for a long time, but gradually the effect of the dream came in my life in a way that the feelings for ritualistic marriage was eradicated from my mind and so ultimately remained bachelor] .

    Vision of Goddess Saraswati or Deity of Vedic knowledge

    8) May 9, 1972 , Noontime dream : I was looking at the idol of Goddess Saraswati . All on a sudden to my utter Surprise she came out of the idol in flesh and blood and sat in front of me. I asked her, ‘Mother, what is called knowledge’? Though she answered but I could not remember after my dream went off.

    [ Saraswati is considered in Vedas, the symbol of vedic knowledge—The knowledge of knowing ‘self’

    The dream indicated that in future the seer will gain knowledge of own self.]

  8. Forecast of God-the-Preceptor about himself

    Dream No 9 – May13 , 1972:. Early morning dream ; I versioned the sky overhead, full of moonbeam light and a flock of illuminating birds flying beneath the sky. I had been observing these scenes from a 2-storied house. The ocean was seen in front of the house.

    Suddenly I observed that Diamond was sitting in front of me, showing me with his finger the scene and saying, ‘Hey ! Look! Look!’. Then he turned round sitting in a different posture. Within a moment some-body came to him. I looked at him and found that he was my father, Diamond told me, ‘I am the greatest from Moses Period. I shall live for another ‘one and half thousand years’.

    Then my father bowed down to his feet and he gave his blessings putting his hand on my father’s head. The dream then sent off.

    [ Spontaneous revelation appeared in me in the following way ;
    (a) The light was seen in the fourth plane of the body.
    (b) Sky is seen in the fifth plane during austerity.
    (c) Here God-the-Preceptor gave his own introduction ; among all the great religious teachers Diamond had experienced the highest order of austerity though basically all are same in class.
    (d) The seer’s father also received the blessings of God the-the-Preceptor, though indirectly. ]

  9. How oneness spreads through five elements of nature and divine dreams was explained by Diamond to us:
    Now we will see, how this Oneness is spread among human beings.The spiritual life of Diamond attaining Godhood gets itself thoroughly pervaded with the five elements of nature. The five elements are:-
    (1) Sky or ether or atom- an invisible one; (2) Air; (3) Fire; (4) Water; (5) Earth.
    These five elements of nature having the spirit of the very identical one, the attainer of the Godhood will function and carry the human form of attainer and place within the bodies of myriads of people and thus making one with Him in the spiritual world and thus oneness is established.
    1) The function of the sky or ether or atom will bear its own proof. Some numberless people will see Him previously or hearing His name.
    2) Air functions in this way- Some people will hear His name and they see Him. It may run so far that you are present here, hear His name and some of you may see Him and He shall make you known with particulars about Him.
    3) The third element is fire, that is eye. The eye represents fire that is light and force both combined. Let you come in contact with Him and you may see Him within.
    4) Then comes water. There at the outset in the vital sheath bluish gurgling water is seen and the water, undergoing a numberless chemical and physical changes within the laboratory of the human body, assumes the form of a sun in the cerebrum and the attainer of Godhood will be seen there in the sun.
    5) Earth is the last of the elements and it also plays the most important role from one hemisphere to another hemisphere like this-
    It has been observed in countless people when they read the book written by Diamond based on His personal spiritual experiences of Vedic Truth within His body, they have seen Him within them. Why? Keep a book under the ground for a few months and the book will be transformed into earth.
    Thus we find the five elements become the distributors of Oneness. A man by nature’s selection becomes One or God and this Godhood or Oneness is distributed through the agency of five elements and it is made a free gift, because it is a free gift to Him by nature and so to the humanity, making them One or God with Him and thereby it proves and evinces that each and every member of the human race is but God or One in the spiritual world. This is Universal One and Oneness.

  10. Diamond explained about Divine dreams to us as such:

    Both Chandogya and Brihad aranyaka Upanishads have dealt with divine dreams. They are of opinion that realizations and manifestations of God in dreams are purer and finer than in an awakened condition of the body….
    Joseph was engaged to interpret the dreams of the Pharao in Egypt. God spoke to moses, ‘Henceforth I won’t come and talk to you in person, but I will convey my command in dream.’ In Buddhism the arrival of Buddha in the world sprout out of a dream dreamt by Maya Devi, the mother of Buddha, who dreamt a white elephant, coming from the heaven, entered her womb and in normal course Sri Buddha was born.
    Sri Ramkrishna’s father in the present era also dreamt that ‘Raghubir’ ,the household deity, appeared and told him that he would take his birth as a son to him. The Old Testament is full of divine dreams. Mohammed dreamt that he was carried in a chariot of seven horses to Heaven near Allah and from Him he received instructions and command….
    God is in the inside of the human body. He, out of mercy to man, manifests Himself in words within the man and thereby He makes him His own chosen man through the words and becomes his guardian and Preceptor….
    Somehow or other, to see God and to realize His sportive forms in dreams was a lost chapter. Sri Ramkrishna has again given life to it(in the nineteenth century) and established it….
    Susupti is profound sleep. At the outset, as well as at the end of sleep, realizations appear, but neither during the sleep, nor in the full awakened condition. Such realizations are reckoned as realizations in Susupti or profound sleep.
    In all the four states of life,viz: (1) Waking;(2) Dreams;(3)) Profound sleep or Susupti and (4) Turiya or Supreme conscious existence, there are different realizations of God’s sportive forms in the body. There are some lucky fellows who see God in all these four states of life. Some again see the sportive forms of God in the three states;(1) Waking,(2) Dreams and (3) Profound sleep. There are some who see God in the two conditions:: Waking and (2)) Dreams. Some again see God and His sportive form in dreams only. In dreams the seer gets his body purified, his thinking and feeling purified, he gets his God-the-Preceptor, he sees God’s light, he gets himself transformed into God and finally he sees the descent of God assuming the form of a man in him. But all these happenings occur through sheer grace of God.

  11. Realization as per the book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’–
    Dream and Reality are identical

    13) 12th June, 1972, Monday, Early morning dream ; I was dwelling on the top floor of a huge building .I was stepping down from the top floor observing innumerable number of rooms, steps and lanes inside the House which was beyond imagination. After stepping down for a while I felt that I lost my track to get up. Suddenly I noticed that an unknown person standing beside me, pointed out my way to the upstairs . I looked up and found that the steps lead to my dwelling place in the top floor. I then returned to my own room. Here the dream went off .
    After a while, I again had a dream and noticed a beautiful hilly town .People were seen walking on roads. Suddenly a herd of cows was seen on the road . I stood on one side of the road and surprisingly went on thinking that I was dreaming but everything seemed so real ! Then my dream went off.

    [ The revelation of the 1st scene appeared thus : Large building signifies the huge capacity of the seer’s cerebrum . Rooms are the brain cells, lanes signify channels from the root of spinal chord to the cerebrum.

    Loosing tracks means that during upward movement of the life force towards the 7th plane of the cerebrum sometimes gets de-channeled being diverted from the main channel ‘Susumna’ nerve which is the main path towards Godhood within the body . At this moment God as unknown person keeps the seer in the right track which the seer experienced in this dream.

    The 2nd scene signifies that the seer had a realization of Vedanta where dream and reality are described as identical. At the same time the seer experienced the same realization as mentioned in the book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ No 881 : “ There is no difference between dream and reality . The devotee who has got pure consciousness realizes this”.(vide dream no 5 ]


    Indication of Publicity of the seer’s dream in future

    14) 23rd, June, 1972 Friday . Early morning dream : Accompanied by my friend Nisith, younger sister Prakriti and younger brother Malay I went out for a walk . While walking, I was narrating my dreams to Nisith and here the dream went off .
    [ The dream was revealed to me thus : Prakriti is the symbol of Nature , Malay denotes gentle breeze and Nisith means nirguna or dark which means infinite . My dreams will remain in dark and in due course of time these will spread like a gentle breeze in nature or in the world .
    After 20 years my dreams are being published in Bengali magazine and after 38years being translated is published in different websites.]


    The door to 7th plane is opened by the Holy Mother

    July 17, 1972 . While traveling in a bus I experienced a realization in a trance — an one storied building with a gate on the right side for entry to the house . There I saw a woman standing at the gate with her two hands kept on the gate as if she was the keeper of the door . She had long hair , complexion not so fair with very large eyes .

    I was thinking that she might be a tantrik . Suddenly I saw with my surprise that she allowed me to enter the house . As soon as I entered into a room , I noticed, a 7—8 years girl with long heirs up to her feet was leaving that room . Then my trance went off .

    [ The trance signifies thus : Unless the Holy Mother or this body allows . One can-not enter the 7th plane to see God or ‘ Atman’. There is a possibility that in future the seer may visualize ‘ Atman’ or ‘ Self ‘ .

    Indication of Rajyoga within the seer’s body .

    July 20, 1972. At noon one day I had a dream . Swami Vivekananda was seated on a cot, His head was clean shaved . I was also seated in front of him though , without conversation . Meanwhile the dream went off .
    [ Here Swami Vivekananda means Rajyoga . The dream indicates that the seer will have Rajyoga within him in future . ]
    (Note- It came true.)

  14. Visualization of ‘ Atman’ or ‘ Soul ‘

    19) 27th August , 1972. Sunday . Early morning dream — I was in a room seated on the floor for meditation . A wooden platform of small size was kept in front of me .I fell in meditation for a while within the dream . The meditation suddenly went off and I saw a small lump of divine light in the shape of a curved thumb gradually moving upward from the platform and fixed in air in front of my eyes .Then the scene vanished .
    In the next scene I saw myself inside a room adjacent to the previous room seen in the first scene . It was packed with quite a number of people . One unknown person among them told me ‘you have seen your father’s Atman ‘. Here the dream went off .
    [ The divine light in the shape of curved thumb has been mentioned in Upanishads as Atman or Soul ,which was visualized by the seer . Father’s Atman means the Atman seen by the primordial man on earth some thousands and thousands of years ago. Vedic Rishis used to visualize God in their dreams in the form of their father and so they always used the term ‘Father’. Here unknown person denotes God who is always unknown except His grace . Plat- form symbolizes the cerebrum where God is seen .
    This dream is the confirmation of the previous dream seen on July-August , 1972 (dream no, 17) . The visualization of the Soul or Atman or God in the form of light is described in Katha Upanishad(4.13) like this-
    “A Person of the measure of a thumb; Like a light without smoke; Lord of what has been, and what is to be; He alone is today and tomorrow too.”]


    6th December, 1972, Wednesday . Early morning dream : I had gone to Howrah town (adjacent to Calcutta where Diamond used to reside) . But with a great surprise, I noticed that most of the old buildings had been demolished substituted by new ones. Everything was looking attractive with lakes , gardens, modern architectural buildings . I went on thinking that henceforth I should stay here permanently .
    However, I also noticed that the lane where one of my friend Nisith (who took me to Diamond in reality) used to reside became widened and I was sitting in a Doctor’s Chamber just at the entrance of the lane (in reality it was so). Suddenly I saw that Diamond came and sat beside me. I began to read Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna so that he could hear it : I had also some conversations with him in between reading. Diamond looked very joyous and I felt very happy seeing him after a long gap . But I was feeling guilty for having a long gap of meeting him (which happened in reality) . So I asked him, ‘well, since I left you, you must have forgotten me’ !
    Diamond—What are you saying ! Why should I not remember you !
    Me—You have never seen me within you in trance, then I am not your close associate !
    Diamond—Oh, No ! No ! who said this to you !
    While saying these to me, he continued patting on my body. Meanwhile he went out to the corridor . I kept sitting holding the book in my hand. Suddenly I noticed that my elder brother was also seated there However, I thought that before Diamond’s departure, I should pay my salute on his feet . But at this moment suddenly I woke up and thought that the dream remained incomplete . Let me sleep again to see the last part of my dream and so I slept again and saw in the dream that Diamond again had come to me in the same place as before . This time he was standing on the corridor (as he did in the previous dream) and continued our conversations .

    Me—You know that I had a dream . Diamond came forward and said, ’say , what you have dreamt’. I narrated the same dream seen in my first dream and asked, ‘well, is this dream signifying my reflection of mind’ ? With a smiling face he said, ‘I shall say something to you’. But he did not say anything and went away . The dream went off .
    [ Firstly, the dream was a corroboration of the saying 811 of the Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ written by Diamond based on his personal reflections . (vide dream no 5).
    Secondly, this was the first experience in dream where I narrated the previous scene in the next one .]


    23) 9th December , 1972 . Saturday . Early morning dream : I had gone to Diamond at Kadamtala, Howrah . He was then seated on his cot . I entered into the room and sat on the floor . There were many other devotees sitting on floor . Conversations were going on . Later on all except one went away . That person was unknown to me . Diamond came down from his cot and sat on the floor in front of me . then he took a piece of paper and told me to sign on the paper . It seemed as if he wanted to make a will for the seen. However, I signed on the paper . But it seemed to be a bit wetly and soft. Diamond asked me , ‘can you take a good dictation’ ? I said, ‘Yes’. He then started giving dictation in English and I also started writing : with a hard pencil . I noticed that the unknown person was sitting, there as if he was the witness .

    I said to Diamond, ‘How wonderful is your English’ ! But I noticed that due to softness of the paper, the writing seemed to be hazy . Diamond began to scolded me for this . So I told him, ‘It is a hard pencil, that’s way it is hazy. Wait, let me bring a pen’. But suddenly I woke up and though, ‘Oh ! this is incomplete dream Let me sleep again to see the last . So I again fell a sleep and said in the dream that I had already completed taken the dictation with a pen .

    Scene changed. I was now seeing that God-the-Preceptor and I was living together in a house and I was taking advice from him though nothing could be remembered after dream .

    At the last moment in the dream I observed that he was going to take a bath . After completing the bath he wore clothes putting off his towel . I asked him, ‘Have you taken bath’ ? He said, ‘Yes’, I told him,’ then I am now going to take my bath . And I went to take my bath . Here the dream went off .

    [ The dream is very significant as this indicates that in future many alike realizations will be experienced by The seer . Will is given to son by father, which means that all the wealth of father will be enjoyed by his son .Here wealth means spiritual wealth . ( vide dream no 5) ] .


    24) August . 1973 ..Early morning dream : Sitting alone I was thinking to leave my physical body with the thoughts that I have achieved the truth in my life and so I have no demand in my life . Suddenly Diamond appeared before me and said, ‘why are you thinking like this my boy ? God will perform so many works through you in future’ ? With these words he disappeared suddenly .

    [ The dream supports the saying in the book ‘ Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ page 21— ‘ God-the-Preceptor gives blessings to the seer and says, many things will happen in your life’.


    25) August , 1973 . Early morning dream : Diamond suddenly appeared before me and said, ‘see, they (other devotees who used to gather in one devotee’s residence to have spiritual discussions on Diamond) have become diverted . Since now I often appear before them in their dreams’. Here the dream went off.

    [ Amazingly, a new phase started within the devotees . After a long gap they started dreaming Diamond frequently and became rejuvenated . ]


    16th September , 1973 . Early morning dream : One patient was brought to a hospital for admission accompanied by two men . The patient was crying due to pain and one of his companion went on weeping Putting his head on the patient’s chest . Suddenly I saw another devotee Jiten Chatterjee started reading the book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (written by Diamond). After a while the patient became calm . The companion who was weeping also started listening to him . Another companion said, ‘How sweet is the name of Sri Ramkrishna ! These words should be announced by loudspeaker . All troubles and shocks will be vanished .The dream then went off and I woke up .
    After a while I again slept and dreamt a nice hilly place . I was standing on the road for a bus.
    Marriage ceremonies were going on in two to three places . Hymns were being uttered. Two little girls were observing the ceremonies from behind . But all these could not touch my mind . Being unconcerned I was waiting for the bus and then went to the bus terminus. My dream went off and I woke up .
    But again I fell asleep and this time dreamt that one of the devotee named Raghunath Sen was playing a tape recorder listening to devotional songs . When I woke up I felt a great peace and joy in mind .
    [ The dream signifies thus :
    1st dream : The patient is seer himself who in reality was greatly disturbed in his working place and became upset. Diamond’s book converted his hazards to peace and divine joy.
    *2nd dream indicates that the seer will be devoid of any ritualism in real life.
    * The 3rd dream indicates that in future the seer will lead a pure and simple life through continuous spiritual practices].
    (Note: In the long run these came true in the seer’s life).


    31) 19th October , 1973 . Early morning dream : Diamond and I was living together in a house . I was sometimes sitting , sometimes lying beside Diamond as if he was so intimate . I was passing my time in this manner and then at one time I noticed my other three brothers sitting with Diamond . Once he was talking to my elder brother and I exclaimed , ‘Oh ! Diamond already passed away ! How and what way they would take him’ ! At this moment my dream went off .

    [ The dream indicates thus : Firstly the seer is having a close and continuous company with God-the-Preceptor and secondly other brothers are having grace of God-the-Preceptor through the seer in an indirect manner .


    32) 26th, October , 1973 : Early morning dream : I saw a tall young man of about six feet high and having a very strong built man in front of me . He were a ‘kaupin’ (a small piece of cloth as is used by village Indian wrestlers) and stood inside a hut as if he was going to leave the house after taking ‘Sannyas’(monk life ) . It appeared to me, was he Chaitanya Deva ? Suddenly somebody said within him, ‘he is Sri Chaitanya Deva’. I continued looking at him for a long time and then the dream went off .

    The dream revealed thus :
    1) To see Chaitanya Deva means visualizing pure consciousness in the loving form ;
    2) ‘Kaupin’ indicates detachment from worldly affairs ;
    3) In one way the seer’s previous birth was seen .
    4) It was annihilation of time . This whole universe is within a human brain including past, present and future . Any moment these appear in a pure mind of a human being .

    Sri Chaitanya Deva was a prophet in Bengal 500 years ago and was the founder of Vaisnaba cult . Actually his figure was same as seen in the dream as described in books . Traditional sketches do not match his figure . ]


    30th October .1973. Early morning dream : I was dwelling in a house with Diamond .Sometimes we
    were in a gossiping mood , sometimes he was taking bath . At one time I shared the milk from his glass and drank the whole milk . After taking bath Diamond entered his room and my dream went off .

    This was the second time I spent such a long time with Diamond in my dream .

    [ This dream has reference in the Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’—‘God-the-Preceptor’ teaches. He will be present in the causal body and it will appear to the seer that God-the-Preceptor is always with him .In the causal body the realization will appear and the seer witnesses’.

    Here drinking milk means special knowledge about God will be revealed in the body of the seer. Sharing milk from Diamond’s glass indicates that the seer will share the special knowledge attained by Diamond in future .

    Ref : ‘ Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ 705—“the attainment of special knowledge starts from seeing the universe within the body and ends with seeing the ‘manikin’ within the body followed by endless sportive forms of God to ‘Absolute’ and vice-versa” .

  21. From my diary of divine dreams


    June , 1974 . Early morning dream : I was looking at the sky . Suddenly a hugr image of Jesus Christ up to bust appeared in the sky covering its major portion . It was so living and wonder full ! Then the image disappeared , and the scene was off .

    In the next scene I saw that on the top of a hill there was a plateau and Jesus Christ was seated on an open place . I had some conversations with him . In the mean time I saw that Arun Ghosh along with some other devotees of Diamond had gathered there surrounding Jesus . They were listening to His teachings with rapt attention .

    After sometime , with great curiosity I asked Arun Ghosh . ‘What a strange thing ! How did we come to Jesus Christ’ ? He said, ‘from era to era we use to come with ‘these prophets’. At this moment the dream went off .
    [ The dream is self-explanatory . During advancement of austerity these previous births are seen , though it can be explained like this in microcosm : The whole universe including past , present and future is within Atman or great soul . Atman is within the human body . So the whole universe is within the human brain . At any time this past or future may reveal in a pure and divine body . Another strange thing happened recently that I saw in a website a photograph of ‘BEATTITUDE’- A hill-top where Jesus gave his sermons to his disciples. And with a great surprise I noticed that the same scene I saw in my dream so long ago establishing the fact that the whole universe is within our brain.]



    41) 14th July , 1974 . Early morning dream : I was having a deep conversation about God with some devotees of Diamond . After a while when I came out on the road I met Diamond . When he heard about my frequent meeting with the devotees , he said to me ,’ see, this is very good . Continue such meeting as this will create a permanent effect of your realizations with in you . After saying these words, he disappeared .

    In the next scene I saw that along with many devotees I was passing time discussing about spiritual aspects in one our devotee’s house and thus the whole night was spent . The dream then went off .

    The dream reveals thus : God-the-Preceptor is giving power to the seer to spend his whole life with such spiritual practices and as a result all his realizations through dreams will produce permanent effect on him.]


    42) After the previous dream a peculiar incident happened . Almost every night I used to see in my dreams different devotees either in a group or single and having spiritual discussions most of the time .
    [ These dreams signify in both ways :
    1) Attraction and fellowship grow up in both sides and thus sense of oneness is subject to grow within us .
    2) Seeing so many persons at a time in dream increases the brain power of the seer . ]


    43) August , 1974 . Afternoon dream : One devotee Arun Ghosh was seen to song , ‘worship Jiban Krishna, recite Jibankrishna etc’, while listening, the dream went off .
    [ Regular spiritual practice through dreams increases the spiritual power of the seer. ]


    44) The same night I dreamt that I was spending the whole night with devotees .

    [ Seeing devotees so frequently in dreams increases the brain power of the devotee . ]


    45) September , 1974 . A realization in waking condition : For 4 to 5 days, a peculiar of bliss had been passing through my mind . Some tines I used to feel that I was merged into a fog of bliss with soothing light falling into the ocean of divine joy .

    [ This realization indicates the gradual development of the seer in spiritualism . ]


    1st November , 1974 . Time : In between 10 p.m. – 10-30 p.m. While I went to bed, I fell in a trance stage . During this time while I was going to turn from right to left side, I suddenly felt that somebody hit on my head with a twig full of illuminated leaves and instantly I saw that my brain became full of innumerable number of illuminated cells for a moment . The whole incident happened in the twinkling of an eye and I jumped up on my bed still visioning the illuminated brain cells for a few seconds . Ultimately the vision left.
    I opened my eyes and was surprised to see that nothing happened in reality . The vision was so realistic .

    [ It was a realization mentioned in the book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’(Written by Diamond) page 74-vision of ‘Chaitanya’ or supreme consciousness –“Red light suddenly flared up in the cerebrum”.


    49) 7th November , 1974 . Early morning dream : A beautiful hilly area was visible with the river ganges flowing at the base . On the hill top Diamond and I was seated only . For hours together Diamond continued to give me spiritual advices .

    Then the scene changed and I saw a house .Inside a devotee Arun Ghosh and I was seated in front of Diamond who had been giving advices to us for a long time . Then we packed up the mat and left .

    Again the scene changed . Now I saw that I along with many devotees had gathered in one devotee’s residence for spiritual discussions . Arun Ghosh narrated one of his dreams while I narrated the first scene the same dream to everybody and thereafter the dream went off .

    [ First and second scenes corroborate the saying of the book ‘Dharama-O-Anubhuti’—God-the-Preceptor teaches the seer Rajyoga . But the teachings could not be remembered it means that these remain dormant within the brain and in due course of time manifest within the seer .

    The third scene signifies that the brain power of the seer is increasing gradually . ]


    50) 23rd December , 1974 . Early morning dream : Diamond was giving me spiritual advices and I was noting down on a paper . This continued for a long time and then the dream went off .
    [ This dream is alike that seen on 7th July, 1074 (dream no 41) . The meaning is that in future the seer will experience numerous sportive forms of God-the-Preceptor and these will become permanent within the seer’s body . ]


    51) February , 1975 . Early morning dream : In a multistoried building the seer was standing on the top floor . There was a step above it with a narrow hole . I was having a conversation with one of my senior friend named Biswendra who was on the other side of the hole . I had in my mind to go to the other side of the hole . But it was so narrow that it would be impossible to go through the hole . I went on thing how to go to the other side .

    Suddenly the scene changed and I found myself on the other side of the hole . I couldn’t fathom how this strong incident happened . However, I saw, there was a long corridor and quite a number of people sitting on the floor were having meals as if due to a ceremonial a occasion . When everybody finished their meals I came down and the dream went off .

    [ The dream indicates thus : Both sides of the hole indicates individualism and universalism . As the whole Rajyoga process is spontaneous , the seer was transferred from individualism to universalism where Biswendra was talking to the seer and numerous people were having meals. Biswendra means universal and taking meals means realizations .
    It is clearly indicated that in future the seer will experience universal realization . ]


    52) February , 1975 . Early morning dream : In a huge building I get up with a great trouble to the roof top and then got down through the steps of another side .The dream went off .

    [ Within a human body during austerity of ascent, the life force progresses from the root of the spinal cord to the 7th plane through Susumna nerve to visualize God and then descent starts when the life force descends from the 7th plane .

    Here building means the body ; rooftop is the 7th plane . The dream indicates that the seer had realizations in ascent and next he will have realizations in descent during austerity . ]


    53) February , 1975 . Early morning dream ; I was seated in a room . After sometime my look fell on the door and noticed that so long I was seated, Diamond had been standing near the door with a great affectionate look at me .And then he went away, His look was so charming , so affectionate that could never be forgotten . I then look up .

    [ The dream revealed thus : During the phase of austerity in ascent, the mind and body pass through many hazards and tough situations as revealed in dreams in many ways . During this phase God-the-Preceptor protects the devotee and remove the irritations of his body ,]


    54) March , 1975 : Early morning dream : I noticed that the book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Bengali book written by Diamond or Jibankrishna based on his life-long spiritual revelations) was kept in front of me . As soon as I opened the cover, the first saying ‘Dvaita-Advaita-Bibarjitam’ (Devoid of Dualism and one ) was noticed. While noticing this, I suddenly work up with an echo ‘Dvita-Advaita-Bibarjitam’ inside my brain .

    [ The dream corroborates the saying No 1063 of ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ book ‘One—Advaita, Dualism-Dvaita, No sense—Devoid of any sense’.

    This has manifested in embryo form within the body of the seer and in future may be manifested in reality . (Vide dream no 5 ) ] .


    55) April , 1975 : Mid-day dream : I was living in a house . I saw that a small elephant was behaving in an un-restful manner on the ground floor . I went to the top floor and with a pistol I shoot the elephant who gradually became senseless. The dream then went off .

    [ Surprisingly the dream had a great effect on the sublimation of the seer’s unrestful mind persisting for some days . Here elephant symbolizes mind . The dream also reveals that during different phases of austerity the supreme power within the body always protects the seer from all hazards through His sportive forms in dream.]


    56) 27th April, 1975 . At night I had a dream : A huge open field with Paths around it was visible . On one side on the roof of a house I was standing along with some devotees .
    After a while Diamond came and I took my seat with one devotee Ramkrishna Ghosh and Diamond . At this moment I saw that another devotee Ravi Ganguly was coming with a gorgeous procession from the opposite of the field . He came to Diamond and started taking to him in a very devotional manner . But it was so showy and exaggerated that Diamond became greatly annoyed . One time, when it exceeded the limit, Diamond held the neck of Ravi and dashed him on the ground . Ravi became senseless .

    I noticed that Diamond began to slap on his cheeks and the scar marks of the fingers . appeared vividly on Ravi’s cheek . I only went on observing these incidents and at the same time one story mentioned in one old religious book of the Hindus was appearing in my memory . It was also described in the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna where it was described that Sri Jagannath of Puri (India) [God in the form of Jagannath] slapped on the cheeks of one devotee Pundarik Vidyanidi and the sears appeared on his cheeks .
    Jagannath did it for Pundarik’s lesions . Just at this moment the dream went off .
    [ The dream indicates three aspects ;
    i) The condition of Ravi Ganguly was revealed to the seer, as during the phase of austerity in ascent other’s spiritual conditions are revealed to the seer . This is termed as bubbles of ‘Brahmagyan’.
    ii) Ravi Ganguly’s previous birth was revealed .
    iii) Through the lesson of other God-the-Preceptor is removing the emotional feelings with exaggeration from the mind of the seer . Religion is not emotion, it is reality with proof . ]


    57) 16th May , 1975 . Early morning dream : I noticed that someone at the residence of one devotee khagendra Ghosh was announcing in a louder voice, ‘some people who will come here will burst to death, some will face brain paralysis . But khagendra was not visible at that moment. After a while I saw an old lady falling senselessly on me . An automatic recitation of Sri Ramkrishna’s name began to come-out of my mouth, and at this moment my dream went off .
    [ The dream indicated the growing spiritual power of Mr. Ghosh and at the same time of the seer, through indirectly .“The dream corroborates the saying no 758 of ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’—the condition of other devotee will be revealed to the seer during his phases of ascent.


    58) 17th May , 1975 . Early morning dream : Along with Diamond I was drinking tea on the dinning table . Diamond was clean shoved wearing a Punjabi . While drinking, he suddenly told me, ‘see, there was a cause that you were detached from me during your student life (It happened so in reality). I became eager to listen to the cause from his mouth . But he did not explain any thing and at this moment the dream went off .

    [ * The dream did not reveal anything at that moment . Perhaps in future it will reveal ] .

    ( * After long years , I realized that it happened due to the fact that God will perform His work through me by recording so many facts .and my research experiences will be useful to perform such work, otherwise my
    life would have been like any classmates or Colleagues living a luxurious life .’ ]


    59). 2nd July, 1975 . Early morning dream : I was seated face to face with Diamond . Another devotee Arun Ghosh was also seated beside me . I felt that Diamond again came back to me after he departed . But al of us had conversation and sat with full concentration of mind .

    After a long time the scene changed and again I saw Arun Ghosh whom I told , ‘I have seen you in my first dream’. Here the dream went off.

    [ The dream corroborates with saying no 93 of the book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ –The mind of yogi becomes concentrated in the body and so with ‘Gyani’ and also ‘Devotee’. Whoever is blessed by God attains this condition .

    Another significant aspect of the dream is that by narrating the previous dream within the next one the increased brain power of the seer is indicated . ]


    60) . 4th July , 1975 . Early morning dream . : I saw in front of me a tree bearing wood apple like fruits at 1east 3-4 times bigger than the normal one . I immediately picked up one from the tree .And while holding this fruit in my hand , my dream went off .

    [ This dream corroborated with the saying of the book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ page 24 .

    Such type of realization eradicates the ego-consciousness of the seer and is similar to that of Diamond .]



    61) 20th July,1975.
    Early morning dream: I saw myself in a class room with tables and chairs along with a cot. The room was packed with students. Diamond was seated there answering the questions of the students. I was only a spectator.

    All on a sudden, a boy whistled intentionally. I thought who made such idiotic job! Then and there Diamond glaring at the culprit pushed him out of the class being greatly annoyed. While Diamond came inside the class room, I threw bricks at the boy and drove him out of the field. The class again resumed and I woke up.

    [The dream shows that anybody showing deviation will be punished by God-the-Preceptor It is applicable to the seer at the same time.]


    62) 10th August , 1975 . Early morning dream : I was standing on a very beautiful place. The sea was visible at a far distance . A river was flowing a little bit away from me. A devotee named Indranath was standing in front of me . I requested him to go there . After a while I noticed a flat boat resting on land in front of me . I stood on it and it automatically started moving on the land . It carried me to a boggy place and thereafter to the river which joined the sea . It was really a very exciting experience . The boat gradually carried me to the junction of the river and the sea . I shouted with joy, ‘The sea ! The sea ‘! Then a huge ship was seen in the sea and I boarded up there . I saw that quite a number of sailors from different Countries of the world were singing a song ‘Hail the ancient Truth-the jewel man .Jibonkrishna …….’ I saw myself conducting the whole music like a bandmaster as on encouragement to them . The song continued for along time and then the dream went off.

    [ The dream carries some meanings :
    (i) A boat sails on the water not on dry land-it means impossible things will be possible within the body of the seer . This is in microcosm . In macrocosm, many impossible things may happen in the world by the action of Diamond in future .

    Here the life force reaches the ocean i.e. cerebrum . This has a reference in ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ No-258-Kundalini Penetrating through the body reaches the ocean of eternal bliss—the cerebrum . (Vide dream no 5 ) .

    (ii) In the long run the name and action of Diamond will spread throughout the world among different nations, religions as has happened in India and the seer may have a role in this aspect.]

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