Dreaming of Nature and the Nature of Dreaming

Next week there will be a conference in Australia titled “Dreams and Imagination: Healing Pathways,” April 19-22 in Sydney.  I was hoping to attend in person, but instead I’m offering a presentation for the conference via youtube video.  I’ll post the address when it’s ready next week.  Here’s a short description I provided for Susan Benson, organizer of the conference:

“Dreaming is an expression of human nature, and of humans-in-nature.  Dreams reflect the deepest instinctual energies of the unconscious psyche and the greatest physical powers that shape our embodied reality.  They teach us about the inner world and the outer world.  This presentation will explore the many dimensions of nature that open up in our dream experiences.  Combining religious and cultural history with new developments in cognitive science and database technology, I will discuss recurrent themes in people’s dreams about animals, the four elements, weather, and gravity.”

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