What do Dreams of Snakes Mean?

The Metaphor of the Snake is Timeless

So why snakes? Why have snakes made such a powerful impact on the human religious imagination, and what exactly is the spiritual significance of their frequent appearances in people’s dreams? What is it about this particular animal that has made it so prominent a figure not only in dreams but in myths, folklore, and art from all over the world? [xvi]

Looking at their “natural” characteristics, snakes are genuine dangers to people, posing a deadly threat either from the quick, poisonous bite of a rattle­snake or the slow, suffocating squeeze of a boa constrictor. At the same time, the capacity of snakes to shed their skins conjures up the image of regeneration, re birth, and new life. [xvii] Thus, snakes combine the threat of death with the promise of life. Another “natural” feature of serpents is their lidless eyes; humans find the unblinking gaze of snakes to be both captivating and horrifying, both transcendent and inhuman. This unnerving stare evokes in many people feelings of awe, mystery, and dread.

An obvious explanation refers to the central role that the serpent plays in the book of Genesis. Anyone who is at all familiar with the Bible knows that the serpent is the great tempter, the one whose seductive promises of power persuaded Eve to taste the fruit of the Tree of Knowl edge. The serpent brings evil into the Garden of Eden, but also brings the possibility of knowledge: “when you eat [the fruit] your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” [xviii] When God discovers what has happened, he ordains that man and serpent shall be eternal enemies.

Another, more “modern” explanation draws on the psycho analytic theory that snakes symbolize the phallus. Ernest Jones, one of Freud’s early followers, says with custom ary psychoanalytic modesty,

“The idea of a snake, which is never consciously associated with that of the phallus, is regularly so in dreams, being one of the most constant and invariable symbols: in primitive religions the two ideas are quite obviously interchangeable, so that it is often hard to distinguish between phallic from ophitic worship…very rarely can it also symbolize the intestine and its contents, but as far as I know, nothing else.” [xix]

For Jones, the snake is such a common dream symbol be cause it enables us to express our strong unconscious feelings about the phallus: the phallus is at once an object of desire and of fear, an object of proud potency and of dreaded impotency, an object that brings great pleasure but that can also bring great pain if it is cut off (as psychoanalysts say men continually fear it will be). The snake’s physical shape makes it a uniquely convenient way of representing (and yet disguising) the phallus in dreams, myths, and art.

Each of these explanations makes some sense, but none of them adequately answers the question of why snake dreams so often have such a strong spiritual impact on people. The “naturalistic” explanation does not account for the vivid dreams of people who have had little direct contact with snakes. The biblical explanation says nothing about the dreams of people who have never had any contact with the Bible. And the psycho analytic explanation merely side steps the question, rightly pointing to the symbolic connection between snakes, penises, and power but failing to relate any of this to people’s experiences of the sacred. [xx]

We gain a better understanding of snake dreams when we refer to the research of histo rians of religion like Rudolph Otto and Mircea Eliade. They have found that humans universally feel an ambivalence towards the sacred. In virtually all religious and spiritual traditions the divine is portrayed as both enchanting and terrifying; Otto says “the daemonic-divine object may appear to the mind an object of horror and dread, but at the same time it is no less something that allures with a potent charm.” [xxi] The power of the sacred is ambivalent in the true sense of the word–it is both good and evil, creative and destructive, attractive and frightening. If we consider snake dreams in this light, we see that these dreams portray the profoundly ambivalent nature of the sacred. Dream experiences involving snakes have provided people with intensely numinous manifestations of sacred powers that can appear beneficial to the dreamer but can just as often appear evil, violent, and highly destructive. Snake dreams reveal the potential of the sacred to be both a helpful and an antago nistic force in human life.

One way to appreciate the spiritual dimension of snake dreams is to contrast them with dreams of the dead. If dreams of the dead guide us into a better relationship with the sacred, dreams of snakes confront us with the raw energy, the primal potency, and the antagonistic power of the sa cred. Dreams of the dead tend to emphasize the beneficial gains that can come from con tacting the sa cred; dreams of snakes, by contrast, tend to emphasize the dangerous threats that can come from such con tact. The contrast is not absolute, of course, because some snake dreams have quite positive aspects. But on the whole, this type of dream brings the dreamer face to face with the darker, more evil aspects of the sacred.

While pursuing my graduate studies in Chicago I made a weekly visit to a small child-care center, operated by the mother of a good friend of mine. Her English was not especially good, so I helped her by reading stories to the children. Each visit I would read two or three books to them, and then ask each child to share his or her own story to the group. The kids would usual ly improvise a version of one of the books we had just read, or perhaps describe what they’d eaten that morning for breakfast. One day, however, a three-year old boy named Sam shared a dream with our little group: he said, in an even but intense voice, “I dreamed that there was a snake monster inside grandpa’s back, and it broke out and killed grand pa.” The other children were fascinated by this brief, powerful dream; after a moment of reflective silence, they all began clamoring to tell their own stories of dangerous snake monsters.

I later learned from my friend that Sam’s grandfather had indeed died recently (although she didn’t know what caused his death) and that Sam was quite upset by it. She said that Sam had told her the dream earlier in the day, with the same intensity he had expressed during story-time. I’ve often thought of Sam’s dream of the snake monster, and of the ways that death is like a snake monster–powerful, mysterious, and ferocious, tearing the people we love away from us forever.

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199 Replies to “What do Dreams of Snakes Mean?”

    1. I was dreamed a snake bites me in my lower nees no poison the snake. Long time the snake stock on my legs and i cried for help no one of welling to help me even my family except one old lady not to oldtalked to the snake to stbitten me and the snake listen to the woman. But while the woman talking to the snake the woman not allowed me to talk. After the snake remove the teeth on my legs they go altogether with the woman. Leave me with blood

  1. I had a dream about a Snake. I was sitting in the front seat of the car next to the driver and a snake was on my left hand side on the road almost standing… as the car turned, it jumped over the car and went the other side.
    Next day as I was driving my car, I took a turn, I saw a brown snake, on the left of the road almost standing position, ready to jump. This was real….

    I cant understand that what I saw in the dream, actually alomst happened the same way.

    1. Such an experience might be considered a synchronicity, Jung’s term for strange but meaningful coincidences.

  2. just last night, i had a dream that i was over a friends house who had tons of pets, a snake being one of them..and my sister happened to be there sitting on the couch. i walk into the room where she was sitting and saw the snake slither right by her on the couch hitting her chin with its tail as it slid by, but then all of a sudden it came back and started coiling around her neck so i immediately jump up and try to dig my nails into the snake so i can pull it free. well i finally got it off and threw it outside…but then the same thing happened again and the look on my sisters face as the snake was tightening around her neck was horrid. her eyes wide open with fear looking at me with desperation, as i am now paralyzed and im trying to reach her but something wont let me and i have to watch her be strangled…but finally the paralysis lifted and i go to save her once again. is this supposed to mean something?

  3. My aunt had several dreams about snake people. They were humanoid with a snake face and upper body. They carried big curved swords like a rapier in one hand and a strange sword with three or more snakes where the blade should be in the other. They surrounded her house and lit the outside on fire. The fire couldn’t be extinguished but for some reason never entered the house. She had this dream 20 or so times the month before she was in a fatal car wreck. She was dead for 4 minutes and brought back. She also had several other premonitions about her wreck.

    My question, ever heard of any ‘snake people’ as I described them here?

  4. Last night I dreamt that I was in a place with a clear shallow water stream, plain rock brown bottom, there were a couple of big rocks and trees around. To my right, I saw a green, gray and black snake curled up on a tree. I was staring at it until I noticed it was a snake and became cautious. I had a newborn baby wrapped in white cloth and Im moving away from the snake walking backwards on the clear water shallow stream. I faced forward and to my right I noticed another snake curled up by itself on the ground looking at me, this one was black. Then I see two of my best friends passing on the stream like going down on a slide (they seemed happy), and I tell them there are snakes. I have the presence of a men to my right helping me cross the stream, while carrying the baby, to my left there was another green snake bigger than the other two. I jumped right next to it with cautiously but no fear. The place where I jumped to was a regular paved street I walked a couple of steps into a building with a feeling of relief, waiting for an elevator. ?!? I broked up with my boyfriend, of three years, a month ago. In two weeks, I will see my best girlfriends who have been giving me pep talk during these times. Its my bday celebration and they want to party like crazies although I dont feel like it. Maybe that is what the dream is about no? What is your interpretation of the dream?

  5. Hello,
    For several months 3-4 times a week, I have had dreams of snakes. Usually I see them in my house, or as im visiting friends, or even walking through a small low lit restraunt or pub. Its usually dark and sometimes I see the snakes as I’m walking through someones’ yard. Usually more than one and usually large coiled up in a corner watching or sometimes baby snakes racing across the floor in hopes to either scare me away or hide. I am very outdoorsey, love to hike in northeast TN, camp, garden. Im not scared of much of anything EXCEPT snakes. I am threatened by their sneakiness and the way they can be so agressive, fast moving and camoflauge.
    Any help on this fear would help greatly!
    Thank you, Terri

  6. Also if there is any correlation to snakes and seeing demolished cars on the road that have been in terrible crashes and emergency personell trying to free the drivers please let me know. I have this re occuring dream but not as often as the snakes. I see EMT’s prying cars to rescue people, and I see blood and head impact prints and body impact marks, but not the actual people in the crash. Just morbid looking cars with blood and sometimes carseats. Knowing the ppl that had been in the cars didnt make the wrecks.
    Ok, well any advice in my screwed up head would help.

    1. The connection perhaps is a sense of uncanny creepiness in both types of recurring dream. The awful fascination with horror and danger–a snake’s lidless gaze, the aftermath of a bloody car accident.

  7. I had a dream last night that I was on a rollercoast and I passed a huge big snake all coiled and looked like it just ate with a big bulge at the bottom of it’s tail. It was just staring at me as I passed. It did not strike at me or do anything. Then I was with 2 young children and 2 small snakes came out of nowhere and started slithering near the kids. They did not strike the children nor did they go away. I couldn’t reach them but they were just there slithering around the kids. I woke up before the rollercoaster ride ended or got to my destination. I was never hurt. What does this mean?

    1. Snakes are ambiguous creatures, dangerous yet associated with healing and wisdom.

      A rollercoaster ride can be a vivid metaphor of what life feels like sometimes!

      The danger to the children could refer to actual children, and/or to a metaphorically “young” part of yourself.

  8. Last night I had a dream that I opened the back door to my house and there were snakes everywhere. When I tried to close the door a snake stuck his head in and I could not close the door. I pulled and pulled and the snake turned into a komoto dragon and forced his way in. It began flying towards everyone. I wanted to to swat at it but it was so big I thought it would bite me, but then I realized it wasn’t trying to hurt me, but it was flying back and forth like a fly or a gnat. Then I woke up. What in the world could this mean???

    1. That’s interesting how the snake changes into a larger, more fantastic reptile once it gets inside. If a snake were to force its way into my private space, then turn into a dragon, that would make me think there’s something about “snake energy” (something primitive? wise and ancient? masculine? alien? healing?) that I don’t want so close to me but I can’t hold back any longer. Then comes the realization it’s benign, harmless–that seems significant, like once it gets inside, the sense of threat and danger diminishes, and the energy becomes more manageable.

  9. Last night I had a dream the a few friends and I (I don’t know who they were now, but in my dream I knew them) were on a walk through a forest with dead trees and dry brush all around, until my boyfriend said that we had to get to some play on time, we would have to go through the almost rain forest like area. I get up to that section of forest, and there were 3 snakes guarding it, besides the fact two were on the ground and one was in the tree, also everyone I was with had already passes them. The one snake in the tree looked huge almost like a boa constrictor, and the two on the ground, one was like the green snake above on this page, and the other had a red head and back and white striped body. By the time i was about to pass them I took one step and the red headed snake attacked me, for some reason I had my purse with me and I tried dropping it on the snake, that didn’t work and the snake bit me on my butt cheek. Everyone who was watching was worried, I didn’t feel it so I laughed and tried to keep playing with it. After that my dream went onto my boyfriend getting in his car I got in mine. He thought it would be fun to race me so he was in the lead, and I was trying to catch up with him, he fly’s across rail road tracks and skims by, and my car swerves and ends up parallel to the tracks, a half second later the train is screaming by my car and shaking it uncontrollably. After the train passes everyone in town saw another train coming, so i got out of my car because it was stuck, everyone gets to safe grounds, and all you hear is explosions and screaming. Next thing you know my car and half the town in up in flames.

    Can someone tell my why I got bite by a snake and my car went up in flames in the same dream?

  10. I had this dream the other night about snakes. I was in the grass jumping over the snake; almost floating. But there were more than one snake. I was jumping to someone. I believe it was my boyfriend.?.

  11. Last night I dreamt that I picked up a rattlesnake and as I picked it up , it turned black. It was trying very hard to bite me but couldn’t as I held it right behind the head. All of a sudden it streatched out and it bit me on the hand, as I looked at my hand thae snake died and slowly turned to gold and fleked away to nothing, I was waiting to die but instead woke up.

  12. i am with a friend and her children and we are collecting snakes for a collection i have. I am a teacher and have her children sometimes and she thought this was strange. Like a boa constictor and then i said we had to go back and get more and more cause i wanted a collection!

  13. 2 nights ago i had a dream that i was looking in the mirror and i saw something black globbing out of my ear and when almost was out it appeared to be asmall snake or worn that was black so i started screaming and trying to pull it out of my ear but it begin to bite me on the face so i woke up with my hand gripped to my left ear in fear what does this mean

  14. ive had 2 snake dreams over a 3 day period.
    in the first dream were somewhere where there’s a lot of rocks and suddenlt theres a normal snake (not very big or very long).someone tries to kill it with a big rock but misses so we run away. when i turn aroud its coming out of some guys mouth attacking me and i wake up

    in the second dream theres this absolutly HUGE snake which is accompanying me and a friend at night ( we’re in the country) and its protecting us. i feel like i like it and i dont have bad feelings about it. and then something bad happens to the snake and i feel liek i want to help it.

    does anyone have any explaination? cuz the second dream is very strange and i cant find any interpretation about it

  15. i m seein snakes and scorpios in my dreams and even seeing them around me
    i m even feeling very depressed . evrything is gong on well still i dont feel gooed.
    i dont knw wats happening with me. can anyone help me in intreprting this pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

  16. Just had this dream. I was walking into a building. I was talking with a white man about something(I’m african american) he’s walking slightly ahead of me like we’re on the sidewalk of a building. I look behind me sensing a presence and there was a huge bright green snake a ways back that scattered off when our eyes met. As we near the end of the sidewalk a bright green smaller snake bites me and I’m like oh shi*! I knock the snake off me and the guy was like are you alright. I’m like yeah that snake bit me. The guy then says yeah, just because you see em doesn’t mean they won’t bite you. We kept walking and my dream went on. Weird.

  17. I dreamt of a green long snake at balcony sort of branch which turned its head towards my direction. I got the door keys and ran out

  18. Last night I dreamt that I entered a room and a couple of snakes slithered quickly away from me, into hiding. Then I saw a rattlesnake on the ground in front of me. I started to run from it, but it raised its head and hissed like it was going to bite me, so I stopped running and ended up laying on the ground, hoping to calm the snake. I stayed still even as the rattlesnake slithered around me and around my head under my neck. It kept going without stopping, never coiling around me, and then left me completely. Later in the dream, I did the same thing when I saw a non-poisonous snake (laying down and letting it slither near me). That time when I stood up, I was relieved that the snake was gone until a friend pointed down at my ankle to where three or four small snakes were loosely coiling around. I shook them off easily and then walked away from them. What could this mean???

  19. I have these dreams all the time about my teeth falling out (I’ve had those since I was a child), I also dream about snakes all the time. The tooth dream doesn’t bother me so much I have gotten use to those dreams. But the dreams of snakes scares me so. I have read other people’s comments on the subject, but I still don’t understand why I dream of snakes. I have never liked snakes, they scare me when I’m awake let alone while I’m dreaming. I recently moved from my home town to another state and my boyfriend is not with me now, he won’t be able to join me until November…I wonder if the dreams are because I’m scared? Please let me know. Thank you for any advice you may be able to give me!

  20. i dreamed me and a friend/coworker a girl i had knew prior to our job together who i had not a rocky relatioship with but we get along good well me and her had went to a relative of my ex husbands to let them see my daughter that i have with him on her front porch there were 4 cobra snakes one was very friendly and had attached to me he followed me around all day coiled around me stuck his tounge out at me i held him the other three were just laying there almost sleep like completely dormant my neice was in my dream and she was bit by a snake but not by any of the four that were apparant in my dream a rattle snake or a copper head we didn’t know which one and the snakes that followed me around and that were sleeping were cobras there was also a man who had lodged his fourwheeler in a large deep ditch and it was hanging stuck on the sides of the ditch

  21. I had a horrendous dream , I was walking in mud and it was full of black anacondas some of them pregnant and I woke up horrofied
    The same day I had a very big argument with somebody
    Everytime I “dream” with snales I am terrified

  22. I dreamed I took one of my snakes for a walk, while out it puked up it’s insides so I took the snake back home. by the time I had got home the snakes body had torn in two although the parts were still wriggling, slowly and gradually my snake died.

    I woke up and had to check on the snake to calm myself down because it seemed so real!


  24. I had a dream that a big brown snake with diamond designs on its head was in my kitchen on the floor and when i turned around and saw it I jumped up on the kitchen counter and then my son who is fourteen now was only about 3 or 4 in my dream came into the kitchen and went to reach for the snake and I grabbed him and pulled him up on the counter with me.The snake kept trying to climb up on the counter and I was hitting it off with a washcloth. I kept doing this over and over and then it bit my left hand and I grabbed its head and pulled its fangs out of my hand. I could feel them coming out in my dream. I then woke up. Please tell me what you think this means. I was really scared.

    1. I wonder if this dream expressses your concerns about your son’s psychological growth and biological maturation. A snake bite marks, for better or worse, a connection with the serpent’s paradoxical power as killer and healer.

  25. I had a dream today that really bothered me. I had a dream that I left my house to go get something and when I was trying to return I could not find my way I was lost on what seemed like a very similiar street to the one I lived on, when I finally reached my door I went up the steps to notice a brown and black snake curled up and the doormat it kind of blened in so I didn’t see it initially. upon site of it I began to run I ran and there were two men sitting at the corner(my house was the corner house) sidewalk by my house in tow chairs the snake crossed over them as if it was not after them by was directly after I began to run up the street which was a small hill, when I got to the top of the hill their were more snakes of the same color. Many of them there was also a small one and they were all comming at me, I fell on the ground and I could not get up no matter how hard I tried. I called out as I looked toward the sky dear got please help me and then I thought I hope that this is a dream and I hit myself very hard and woke up ( I have had the ability to wake myself from a dream since I was a child whenever I was having a bad dream I woke myself from it.) anyway I have a feeling it was a dream meant to warn are tell me of somethin but I dont know what. Can you help me please. Ps. I have dreams quite often and most of the times I know what they mean, I am a dreamer meaning that I get dreams that tells me how situations will turn out. I always have so I really want to get to the bottom of this one. this is not the first time I have had a dream of this nature but its been a while.

    1. That sounds scary! It seems significant that you found the snake when you were trying to return home. If it were me, I’d wonder if this means that before I can reach a place of comfort and safety, I need to overcome the snake’s power to frighten me. Snakes can symbolize wisdom and healing, but in a frightening form. Perhaps the knowledge you need to reach your destination requires an acceptance of the snake’s energy. The two men sitting on the corner don’t seem bothered by the snake, I wonder if they might be allies for you in this process?

  26. i dream all about snakea that makes me scared then its a lot of snakes in the ground,!i dont no whats the meaning of that?..!i hope nothing will be happen with me..!!

  27. I have been dreaming about snakes for several days straight now.

    I am near this cave full of snakes, I hate snakes and I’m naturally afraid of them. Then I find a goat and I butcher it and give it to the snakes as a sort of a sacrifice so that they will not bother me.

    Can someone tell me what this means?

    1. There are two spirits in this world. The spirit of God and evil spirits. Evil spirits manipulate mankind by coming into their dreams and initiating them into witchcraft. Then they can bring all kinds of calamities and ultimately destruction to them. Seeing a snake in the dreams is bad. There are either demonic powers working against you, or they have initiated you in witchcraft and now using you as a blind witch. The only way out is to run to Jesus, ask for forgiveness and start praying anti witchcraft prayers. Otherwise these very dreams will lead one straight to the bottom of hell fire. It’s too bad that the average church in America is not equipped to help people with such issues. Visit the website: firepowerministries.org to get help. Satan is a defeated foe. The blood of Jesus destroyed him a long time ago. You just have to reinforce your authority on earth with your mouth plead the blood of Jesus all day and everyday. Praise Jesus forever!!!

  28. I dreamt my daughter squashed a snake with her bare hand and there was venom all over.. Is there any bad energy coming towards here? Pls let me know cos i fear the worse

    1. I would not assume that. Her ability to squash the snake could signify her power over whatever the snake represents. The dream could also reflect YOUR concern about your daughter, not necessarily something actually happening to her. Parents worry about their children for many reasons, and it’s good to be aware of those worries, and also to be aware of our children’s innate strengths and abilities to face the challenges that life throws at them.

    1. In the Bible snakes are certainly portrayed as the embodiment of evil, but in dreams snakes can represent both negative and positive energy. It really depends on the details of the dream, and on the life circumstances of the dreamer.

  29. Last night i saw a dream in which i saw three types of snakes small medium large, All snakes were moving away from me. No one was coming to me. Before this dream i saw many dreams with snakes in clean water or around some rock etc. Pls tell me wht prediction is associated with this dream in coming days

    1. The dream may not predict anything specifically. The snakes may represent something from waking life in the present or the past, not just the future.

  30. I had a dream in the early hours of this morning which is still disturbing me. I was trying to cross a river to get to the other side where my friends were haivng a picnic. I stepped intot hte river and started swimming only to find a snake laughing at me coming towards me. I grabbed a log whcih happned to be passing and put mylegs over it and the snake tried to bite my feet and legs but I kept moving them and it just put its head under the water, however, it then got me ont he foot and I started swimming away only to find other snakes swimming around all laughing at me, I then woke up but the dream is so vivid I can still see it happening playing it over and over again in my mind.

    1. Wow, that sounds terrifying! Laughing snakes, that’s a new one. The act of crossing a perilous river is a classic mythic theme, so there may be some metaphoric possibilities there. Does the river symbolize the passage of time, or an emotional barrier, or just the turbulent cross-currents of daily life? I can only speculate and project, but serpents sometimes represent a form of ancient wisdom, so perhaps the snakes are warning NOT to cross the river? I wonder why the snakes are laughing–is it an extra-evil laughter, or is it an amused awareness of the dreamer’s futility?

  31. I have always had a fear of snakes as I was bit by one as a child. I never saw the snake that bit me, but I do remember the pain from the bite. I have had dreams off and on throughout my life of snakes, and that fear was always a part of the dreams. I have been on a spiritual journey for quite some time, and realized a few years ago that I must overcome my fear of snakes and worked on lessening that fear.

    Last night I had a dream in which I’ve found it difficult to understand. I was at a family members home (one that I had lived with during my childhood and where I had been bitten by the snake). There had recently been a storm and the ground appeared soggy, but many of my family members were gathered outside for a get together. (I should note that I have very little contact with my family, and this has been true for the past 20 + years.) There is a pond behind this family members home and I was walking to the pond. One of my family members yelled out to me that with the recent rains the snakes would be out and for me to not wake too many of them. As I’m walking, I notice the pond is at the bottom of a hill, and rain water is running down into the pond and there is a bridge that goes across the pond. Between the top of the hill and the pond, there appears to be a lot of heavy foilage that I will have to traverse. At one point, I must step across a small stream that has been created by the heavy rains and happen to look down and noticed that I had stepped on two snakes. I watched as they slithered away down the hill in the small stream, towards the pond which has now turned into a river.

    I yell down to my cousin D (who was killed when he was 18 – approximately 24 years ago) to be careful as he has a couple of snakes coming his way. Apparently, my cousin D is swimming in the river. I work my way down the hill, through all of the foilage, and continue to encounter snakes along the way. There is no fear of the snakes. I see them as merely obstacles on the path to be encountered. I finally reach the bottom of the hill where my cousin is swimming, and watch him jump off a cliff into the water. I look into the water and see several snakes swimming around him. At this point, a young man, that I do not know is standing beside me. I turn to look behind me and see several snakes slithering away. I realized at that point I had woke them all up on my way down the hill. But they do not approach me, nor do I approach them, just letting them go. The young man says, “He’ll be okay.” I state that I know he will be. The man turns to look at me and I realize he has snake eyes, very dark, no lids, he smiles at me, “What about you?” It is at that point in which I woke up, but as I was waking up, inbetween that point of waking and sleeping, I imagined (or perhaps it was a remnant of the dream) that I saw that young boy turn into a snake and slither away.

    How would you interpret this dream?

    1. It seems important that your cousin D is there, as an emissary from a realm beyond ordinary mortal life. The snakes in that context seem like transitional creatures, helping guide the dreamer from one dimension to another. The abundance of flowing water, the softening of the ground, and the movement away from ordinary family reality all makes me think this is indeed a dream that refers to a spiritual journey. If it were me, I’d be encouraged by the relatively benign behavior of the snakes. I would also watch where I’m stepping, in waking and dreaming!

  32. I had a dream that there was this animal that I could not tell what it was tried to bite me, my hand was in its mouth but it did not hurt me, then I escaped it with the help of someone else. There was also a gray snake in my dream that wrapped its body around me than I got out of its wrap, and I thought the snake was going to hurt me but the snake was really friendly and it liked me. What does this mean?

  33. I don’t remember my dream just the end, all remember is there was a snake & before I could blink it had it’s jaws tightly clenched on the front of my neck, all I remember is trying to pull the snake off & I woke up gusping.

    Can anyone help me interpret this.

  34. Hi can u please tell me the meaning of this dream.. I had this dream of orange cobra with black stripes and snake was going to attack my mother.. and in the mean time i caught the snake in my left hand to save my mother but i dont know what happened snake crawled on my left arm biting two times on the arm and then bites 3 times on my neck and then snake dissappeared.. then i realized i was walking in our oldest house where we use to live 20 years back.. particularly in the storage place of the house one of my favourite place in the childhood .. then it felt like i was dying dizziness fading kind of feeling…after that i was not able to walk properly and then i found my mother sitting in our new house the distance between old and new house is like 40-45 miles…and i was telling her that i am dying mother but she was not responding not even looking at me she was praying contineously and with some kind of pearl necklace in her left hand and then i slept holding my mother’s feet…and then i started feeling good like peace then i dont know wat happened i wake up… it was really shocking dream and i remembered so much details which i generally don’t. So please kindly tell me what is the significance of this dream. Thanks.

  35. This is the second time that I have ever had a dream about a snake- couple of weeks between each other. In the first, the snake was simply chasing me and I was afraid and running. I woke up and that was the end of dream one. In the second dream (occurred last night) the dream was following me around my home, but I was not afraid of it, just sort of annoyed by it. Whenever I sat still or became engaged in something for the moment, the snake would appear. Well, I threw something at it, and it died, and then I woke up. I remember another person being in my dream (do believe that it was my sister), but she was simply standing my the living room when the snake appeared. Any idea what this could mean? Also, I went to a wake (fallen officer that passed away) on yesterday (don’t know if this has anything to do with it). Any type of understanding would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You

    1. A double dream like that often signals an important degree of psychological energy. As you can see in the article, snakes in dreams have had many different meanings attached to them, from very evil to very helpful. Almost always, snakes are considered powerful beings. I can’t tell you what your dream means to you, but I can offer some questions that might open up some good possibilities. What did the snakes look like, as exactly as you can remember? Size, colors, shape? Did you notice you wrote “dream” instead of “snake” at the beginning of your second report? I wonder if that indicates a connection for you between snake energy and dreaming itself. Was there any emotional reaction when the snake died? What did you throw? The presence of your sister, rather than your mother or a friend or some random person, naturally raises the question of how she relates to the snake. What is she, a witness, observer, mirror, by-stander?

  36. I had a dream about a large thick python-type snake and it was beginning to wrap itself around a few friends (or they could have been anyone) I told them not to worry that although this was a large snake it was okay that it wouldn’t hurt them so I came over and started dragging this large snake away from these people. The sheer size of the snake scared me but I knew it wouldn’t cause me harm and so I continued to pull it away from the people. In the end my friends felt that we needed to kill this large snake. I helped them because I knew the snake was scary and that it was necessary but I felt a little sad about doing it….

  37. I really NEED to know what this means…I dreamed that a snake bit my husband, and I was there with him in horror! And few months ago I dreamed we were in a house and I stood in my back porch with friends, while he sat at the dinner table with the guys, and a snake approached me at the porch and into the kitchen dinner table where my hubby approached the snake and saved me from being bit, rather it BIT him….why am I having dreams of snakes biting him? Dose it mean bad fortune, or illness?

  38. Wouldn’t this mean you may be connected with animals.
    Maybe these are just random dreams. Somhow, i highely
    deny th fact that people are given these dreams to help

    am i wrong?

  39. My dream was I was in my bed sleeping and I wake up to feel the snake on my arm. I ask my boyfriend to get the snake off of my arm.I closed my eyes while he got ot off. We got up and I seen it again and call for my mother ( she is deceased now)when Ilooked back I could see the snake big glowing yellow eyes and we got out of the room and closed the door.

  40. Hi,

    I saw a dream in which i saw a very big snake, i saw that snake ate 3 womens alive and all the people were afraid of it. i was in a village where my uncle lives where i have not been from last 2 yrs. Later i saw that i went with my mom to see that large snake while it was sleeping. Suddenly thah snake waked up and we ran from there. THe snake followed me there. My mom , my brother and i were afraid of that snake but that snake smiled at us and said he liked our clothes. He wanted us to take to his home and meet his wife. We went to his house it was like a very old house with no lights and fans. all filled with darkness. I saw tea boiling on gas (old cowdung gas). I drank a little bit of tea. I saw her wife also . I dont remember what happened later. the face of the snake that turned into the man was not recognised by me.

    Please tell me what does this dream means.

    Reshma Farooki

    1. Even though the snake is very frightening and dangerous, it seems to have good intentions towards you. If I were you I would try to continue mastering my instinctive fear of the snake and see what it has to teach me.

  41. Hello Dr. Bulkeley,

    I keep having a reoccurring dream over the past few years that I am fighting a snake. In the dream I am usually trying to keep the snakes mouth shut from biting me. Every new dream seems to get more violent. For example, the last dream I had I was literally trying to choke the snake to death, but it wouldn’t die. It’s venom spewed out and felt like it burned my hands. Sometimes I think the snake bites me, but I never feel it and never see blood. I feel like I have to kill the snake in order to keep it and get a cure from the bite. I am always terrified in the dream and don’t see how it could be beneficial. Why do you think I keep having this dream?


    1. Recurrent dreams usually have an important message, or reflect something important going on in our lives. I don’t know about your personal situation, but if I were you I’d be thinking about where I see/sense “snake energy” in my waking life. It could relate to gender (e.g. a conflict with instinctual masculinity), or “evil” in a Judeo-Christian moral sense, or perhaps the deep reptilian impulses in all of us that struggle against civilized consciousness. You might try Jungian active imagination to “re-enter” the dream in a meditative state and try to dialogue with the snake–what does it want? In history snakes have also been agents of healing, and a small amount of poison can inoculate people against worse poisons, so that’s something to consider too.

  42. In my dream me and my girlfriend are sleep I then wake up to rattling I lift the blankets and she has it wrapped around her. Hand and it keeps getting close to my face and I can feel something hot but it never bites me but keeps tryin while she has it I then tell her to give me the rattlesnake by the head but its really slippery and I feel like I’m chokin it then I wake up what does this mean?

  43. Hello Dr. Bulkeley,

    I had a dream about 2 snakes and one had swallowed the other and later it came out of the mouth of the snake who had eaten it. the snake who had swallowed the other snake runs away and the remaining snake approaches towards me and my child. after a war i kill the snake. in coupl eof minutes the snake that had previously run away also comes into picture and i along with my child and some other ppl are trying to kill it.. could not see the later part of the dream. i have been feeling very uneasy since i had the dream and unable to arrive at any conclusion


  44. Good Day

    I wonder if you could help me determine my very strange dream ?

    I dreamt that I was walking through a large field, which had a high mesh fence around it.
    All of a sudden snakes appeared on the field and started slithering towards me. They were various sizes and species,big black, brown snakes.
    I ran towards the trees and climbed up a large oak tree. I then noted some snakes were
    inside this tree, so I jumped over to the next tree and moved through the branches with ease.

    Not sure where I obtained my weapons from, but I had knives and forkes on me and I started throwing the knives/forkes towards the ones on the grass, my aim was pretty good, I stabbed most of them in the head, well about 10 of them. I cleared the pathway at the bottom of the tree, climbed down and managed to reach the mesh fence, climbed over it and left the field and the rest I don’t remember….

    I don’t remember feeling scared but I remember feeling in control.

  45. i had a dream in which there was alot of different kind of snakes in my headboard not threating to bite me or anthing but just watching me sleep. I grabbed one and killed him and then I saw a earwig with scorpion claws laying on the bed clapping his claws and watching me. Help

  46. Hi Kelly,

    Today morning I had dream of Snakes.
    In dream there was some different home in fields where we are living. (We don’t have such home)
    Outside I am cleaning the surrounding of home.
    And I see on wall small round formation of mud, I just take out little part on upside and see that inside that there are several snakes of different colours and they are moving on each other and theirs face is facing us I mean they are seeing us. I was seeing them and I am feeling very curious to see them as they are very beautiful of different colours which I have not seen such snakes in real life also- colours were White, off white, gray, brown. and they were very shiny.

    Later I go to neighbours house- neighbours were also new I don’t know them- and they are telling that on their wall also there is some round mud formation is there- I am telling them that not to take it out but they already has taken out the some part of mud of it, and there also I see similar snakes of different colours moving on each other and theirs face is facing us I mean they are seeing us

    Later I come inside home, and I am thinking that these snakes may enter in my home and I need to close the doors or do something to avoid them to enter in our house.

    What does this dream means?

    1. Hi Madhu! Your dream picks up on a theme that’s part of many snake dreams–the gaze, the eye-contact, seeing and being seen by the snake. It can lead to an appreciation of the serpent’s beauty, as in your dream, and it can in some cases lead to an appreciation for the snake’s intelligence and wisdom. The mud formations are curious; they sound like the simplest of earthen enclosures, which makes sense given the connection between snakes and caves, earth, the underground. I wonder about how best to relate to these snakes in your dream. What would happen if they came in the house? They seem to be getting close to home, appearing in the neighbor’s house, potentially coming in the door. I don’t know what the colors mean, that’s always a difficult aspect of dream interpretation. If I were you I would certainly draw or paint a colorful picture of this snake!

  47. Dr. Bulkeley,
    My dream is recurring, and has happened about 10 to 12 different times… its always very similar. i’m always having to walk through snakes…. the place may be different, but its generally snakes are laying on the ground and i have to carefully take steps to walk through them. they never try to bite me and only barely move but they are there and i have to step around them to travel along the path in the dream. one dream i was definately walking on a pond levee. the others i’m not sure of my surroundings except that it appears to be a grassy area… i would say the snakes are water moccasins or copperheads in my dreams…nothing fancy like cobras or anacondas or anything… just normal snakes….. any advice?

    1. A recurring dream like that seems worth paying attention to. It sounds like the mood of the dream is potential but not actual danger. Given that the dream has occurred several times, it would make me wonder if it were a metaphor of life–walking along a path, aware of possible dangers on all sides, trying to stay calm and moving forward. So many snake dreams involve actual physical attacks that it seems important to highlight cases where the snakes do NOT harm the dreamer.

  48. Hi Kelly,

    I had a dream where I got up to go to the bathroom and in the bathroom were a bunch of small white snakes with black stripes on them. They didn’t hurt me at all but just were moving around a lot. I was not afraid of them but yet felt squirmish. I just went to the bathroom and went back to bed. What could that mean?

  49. Today I Had a Dream about i was trying to cross a bridge with a friend. My friend slowed down and i yelled at him keep going because a Huge snake was behind us. He got my attention and told me a snake was also in front of us. At that time i tryed to run and couldn’t go anywhere because i was surrounded by snakes. I was barely across the bridge and i couldn’t turn around and run. At time a snake wrapped around my friend and pulled him through some grassy area. I kept trying to run but more giant snakes appeared. Another one of my friends came to try to help me but a snake quickly wrapped around him. When the snakes started to wrap around me 2 of my friends came and pleaded with the snakes to take them instead of me. The leader of the snakes said this ” 2 souls for 1″ and my buddy toold me that i was more important because i could save alot of peoples lives. At that time the snakes let me go and i walked completely across the bridge. I looked back and the snakes took my 2 friends who sacrificed themselves for me. But the strange thing was the snakes didn’t wrapp around them, They all just walked of into the bushes and then i woke up in tears. Someone Please Help me…. What does this mean

  50. Hi…. I have had a recurring dream… my house is full of snakes.. all different kinds and they are everywhere… dripping over all of the furniture.. i end up running out of the house onto the back porch and there are two enormous snakes that begin to fight… i run at them and pull them apart. As I do so, the face of the snake on the right begins to change into another animal ( Cat maybe? the dream is always fuzzy on this) and then i wake up with a jolt. What are possible meanings for this???? It must be telling me something or I wouldn’t be having it repeatedly. Thanks so much

  51. Hi Kelly,
    Im wondering if you could enlighten me about a dream I had last night – I still feel very disturbed by it.

    I was walking with one of my daughters (she is 8) along a street, she was preparing to be part of some sort of play / show and was wearing a long/ thick grass skirt … as we walked I saw a snake slithering in her skirt. Obviously, it frightened me and I think I woke up at this point … then when I feel asleep again we where sitting in a room with her on a chair next to me, I looked over and saw the snake again – this time I felt my mind turning over all the possibilities of how I could remove the snake without scaring her (she was unaware). It didnt seem to be threatening (strangely) it was just there! I just kept trying to work out how to help her … I figured I needed to keep her still, so that the snake wouldnt bite her, I played a game of who could hold completely still (but allowed her to move her arms / head) and was really struggling with the question of ‘do I tell her’ and risk her freaking out or be responsible for not telling her …

    It was the most vivid dream, I can still ‘see’ this snake … it was brown with gold/yellow on it and very big, mind you I only really saw its head and a portion of its body – clearly a very large creature.

    Can you please give me some indication of what it could mean? Im still reeling from it!

    1. That sounds like a powerful dream. To associate a snake “in the grass” with one’s pre-adolescent daughter, a theme of sexual maturation may be present. I hope that’s not an offensive idea! As the parent of a daughter myself, I certainly worry about snaky guys, probably more than she does.

  52. I had a dream that I had a snake it seemed it was a pet – it was black. and sometimes it would curl around me which I found slightly irritating but I wasn’t afraid of it. I din’t mind it roaming around in the room I was in but had to stop it going to other parts of the house in case it scared the other residents.

    What does this mean?

  53. I dreament of snake’s last night, every size and specie’s with one rather large one python type, i was not bit or threaten by the snake’s. i was alittle afraid of them and a exfriend whom i have’nt seen or talken to in years was trieing to capture them. I wish i would could remember more about my dream, maybe i’ll have another one tonight

  54. In my dream i was walking on a road, there were very big sized trees on both sides of the road and there were a lot of snakes on the trees. I was feeling good when i was seeing the snakes. But then a very big snake came to me and tried to bite me but i woke up, this is the only in which a snake tried to bite me. Else in any other dreams i just saw big snakes but they never tried to hurt me and i feel very good whenever i see snakes in my dream. Please tell me what can be the meaning of my dream.

  55. Hi Kelly,
    I ended my relationship with my girlfriend and that night I had a dream about snakes. In the dream there were several small snakes of which I knew they were of a poisonous species. I remember being nervous around them but not to the point of true terror, mainly just uneasy and nervous. One scene that really sticks out in my dream is where my sister was sitting in a chair holding one of the small snakes, i assume in a room, but Im not sure because the background was dark and the spot where my sister was sitting holding the snake was in a way “spotlighted”? I remember being nervous around the snake but my sister holding the snake was comfortable. I remember being afraid that the snake was going to bite me but mainly afraid it was going to bite her.

    I am currently unhappy where I am at professionally and am seeking a new career in medicine. It is daunting to think how much preparation it is going to take to get accepted into medical school. Trying to build up the energy to start the preparation. Anyways, i discussed my new interests in medicine with my sister and family along with my struggles in my relationship. Perhaps thats why my sister appeared in my dream?

    Anyways, any insight or comments you have about my dream would be greatly appreciated!


  56. first and foremost, i own a ball python,”paz”.. whom i love dearly..i am not afraid of snakes, i have handled different snakes and reptiles, but i am not a crazy snake freak or lunatic or anything,,if anything im more of dog person, and ironically i like rats also..
    i have this reoccuring dream, where im handling my snake and then lay it on my bed, and then when i turn around there are multiple snakes slithering around calmly. they are always smaller than my snake and i always pick them up and put them in a tank. they are always peaceful and have never bite me or been aggressive. i seem to have a need to save them and keep them from escaping. the number of snakes have varied from like over 50 to like 7, and there is always an extremely large snake (10-15 feet) in all my dreams, whom i also handle and try to secure..i usually feel panicked and over run by so many snakes that i have to capture..and that is about it..sometimes the snakes start to mate which is kind of cool..but im just confused to any symbolism this may have, because all of the imagery and symbolism of snake dreams seems to be negative, and my dream imagery seems to be positive..any comments? concerns? suggestions?let me know, thanks!!

  57. Hello,
    I dreamed about this man that I am not interested in last night he was standing naked and below him was this nake slithering kind of erotic. The man was smiling. This guy has been trying to ask me out but I am not interested plus I do not date co -workers. The last time I had the dream about him and it was a anaconda snake and I was holding on to it wrestling it. But it was very sexual because I was actually having sex with the man. It will never happen.

  58. Hi,

    I had a dream where I was with a friend and we went through a door and on the other side was a male lion lying in the grass. I was immediately intimidated and wasn’t sure what to do. Then I started feeling a female lion rubbing her head up against my back. I was terrified and unsure. She never did any thing but push her head on my back like a kitty who wants attention. Then all the sudden I am with a snake that is now doing the same thing but rubbing on my arm. It was a very vivid orange and yellow snake. I knew I was supposed to look in its face to see what color the eyes were – that somehow mattered. At first, I couldn’t make out what color they were because the snakes eyes were so well camouflaged. Then I finally saw it had red eyes. At that point the dream was over.

    Any interpretation you would like to share would be most welcome. Thanks

  59. I had a dream of a huge group of small of group snakes both big and small moving all over me as I trip and fell, and a huge snake from the group quickly paced on to me and bit me on the back, I started screaming for my friend and he passed me a stick to hold on to, the pain seemed to be excruciating because I was screaming my lungs out, my dad woke me up in reality saying I was screaming out my friends name what does this mean?

  60. @Dunn
    I also had the same similar exact dream that you had. Snakes of all species that even I dont know wether they existed. There were lot of them. I wouldnt have even seen that much in movies too. And yea I was not afraid of them. Instead I was very comfortable even though I had a little fear

  61. Hello,
    I recently had a bad dream about a small child like woman that wanted to show me a cat that was in pieces. She took me to this dark area and pulled out a cat that started talking to me about how much he didn’t feel good. I then realized the cat had a very large snake eating him alive. I saw parts of the snake coming out of its body and saw a tail coming from the head of the cat. I then told him we were goin to perform surgery and put him under in order to make him feel better, but instead we really were goin to put him to sleep (euthanize) because it was too late to save him. I was very disturbed by this dream. I don’t know what it means?
    Thank you.

    1. Yeah, that’s a grim one. I’d be curious to know how you feel about cats. As a cat-person myself, I would be especially upset! Violent dreams often symbolize life transitions, when many old aspects of life are “dying” and the mood is fearful and uncertain. The small child-like woman might represent an under-developed aspect of yourself? There’s a sense here you’ve gone to a very deep part of the unconscious psyche. It sounds like in the dream you were going to do the surgery? Or at least knew about it? To me that sounds like an intelligent, caring approach that your dream ego brings to this situation.

  62. Dear Sir,

    Good Day!!

    On 10-05-2011 early morning @ around 1.55 am I got up for a nature’s call and then slept. Got up at @ 6.50 am when the alarm ringed. In between I had a dream where in 3 Headed (ferocious) snake was insisting not to go towards the direction it was pointing (Something like it did not want me to go in that direction. If I proceeded it would have taken me to task or even attack me). So, I took opposite direction and on the way (in the dream) I saw Gorrillas/Chimpanzees on the right side living happily with their kids. They did not harm and were quite while I was passing that route. Then I woke up.

    Please help me what does this mean.


    1. I’m not sure if you have any actual waking contact with snakes or primates, but assuming these are symbolic creatures, your dream seems to be pointing you toward the realm of mammalian nurturance and away from mythic reptilian energy. If it were my dream, I would wonder where I see happy parents and children in the world–am I moving towards them or away from them?

  63. This morning, I had a dream of a red/black snake. It was not a big snake however in the dream, I was sleeping in my bed. I felt something crawling, when I woke up it was the snake on my arm. I threw the snake off of me and went back to sleep. Then, I felt it again on my leg, this time when I pick it up, it mouth was open as if the snake was about to bit me. I threw it again and it landed at my feet, then I woke up from the dream.

    Not sure what this mean? Can you give me some feedback on this dream?

    1. Hmm, a dream like this sounds like it merges sleep postures and bodily sensations with snake imagery. I wonder if your body were more peaceful when you went to sleep, you would be less likely to have such a disturbing dream. Could the snake attack represent something connected to physical stress? Or to a feeling of being unsafe before going to sleep?

  64. hello,
    i dream that a green snake was trying to kill go inside both of hamsters cage but when i would see that happening i would blow air at it and the snake would go away.i tried to save my pet hamsters but when i
    turned around they were already dead, and some were drowning inside of the cage. The snake was after
    me as well,he tried to bit my mom but she hit the snake.in the whole dream that green snake kept staring
    at me in the eyes. what would this mean?

    1. This sounds very scary! The gaze of a snake seems to have special power, as if their eyes were reflecting an alien kind of intelligence that we humans struggle to understand. For that reason, snakes are often symbols of the unconscious mind, the part of our psyche that feels “alien” to the conscious self. The pet hamster is no match for the powerful snake energy. Your mother seems to respond with strength, however. If it were my dream, I would tell my mother about it and ask what she thinks.

  65. hi…i really need to know what this means.i dreamt that there were snakes in my house,everywhere i went there was a snake but they didnt do anything they just stayed there and stared and when i tried to show my uncle and sister they disappeared.what does this mean?????

    1. If the snakes were not threatening, I’d take that as a sign of insight rather than danger. The dream seems to offer a private revelation: these mysterious creatures are everywhere, but only I can see them.

  66. I had a terrifyling dream last night. For one snakes are my biggest phobia that I have, i am absolutely terrified of them. I had a dream I was outside and there was a flowerbox with a bunch of snakes in it, and this man approached me and said these black snakes are everywhere and for some reason I put my hand in and one of the snakes bit me on the thumb and wrapped its body around my arm and wouldn’t let go. I tried pulling it and tried to shake it off and nothing would work, then the man said to me that if I got bit by that snake it was gonna take 10 years off my life. It was the weirdest thing ever, I woke up in a panic, sweaty, and was scared. I need to know that this means??

  67. I had a dream one minute I was out with coworkers eating. Then another scene with a woman who her little girl out of the house to punish her. I let her back in. I was playing with her and other people were coming in talking and bringing food in and eating. I was walking and looking for something, pulled something back and there was a snake looking right at me, coiled with its head up, black small diamond shaped head, looked like diamonds on body. I jumped right out of sleep.

  68. i dreamed about lots and lots of snakes then one attack me and my brother my family was in my dream but then my neibor saved us while 9 was scared to death

    does it have a meaning?

  69. i dreamed about lots and lots of snakes then one attack me and my brother my family was in my dream but then my neibor saved us while i was scared to death

    does it have a meaning?

    1. good morning it does a snake simply is an enemy their is going to be an attack towards your family or somone close to you and it would effect you ,but just pray against these evil attacks

  70. Hi! Good Day Dr. Kelly!

    I also had a dream last night and some other nights about snakes. In my dream, there were three black snakes and it seemed we were of close relationship that we slept together as if they were my kids. Though im a little bit afraid of sleeping with them, i just thought that they won’t bite me because they came from me as if i’m their mother. The two were too movable kept moving around me while the other one was so till sleeping with me with open mouth and close eyes lying straight beside me. THe other two kept on moving but i didn’t mind them at all. I wasn’t that in total asleep, as if my eyes were just close but im conscious about the things around me. Then i felt aches on my knees and then when i really woke up from that sleep, i confessed to a friend that my snakes bite me and she said that we should see a doctor about the wounds i got and she told me that those snakes shouldn’t have done biting me on my knees because im their mother. Im really worried now and a little bit confused why im dreaming about snakes lately. Will you help me of the meaning of my dreams. Hoping for your enlightenment on this dream. Thank you and hope to hear from you.

  71. I had a dream about someplace similar in shape to my homes hallway and I was staring straight above me it was an enormous python and it was shelling and i could see the shells of its skin, it was getting bigger as I staired and I froze and screamed to my son to get out of the house and not get closer and he ran, then I did not see my son get closer but then it fell on me but did not touch me! It was curling to bite at me as It was falling. I was sweating when I awoke. Scary dreams of various nature usually happen to me when I sleep in the middle of the day as did this one. You may say something about enemies bit these days everybody has enemies and the truth of it is usually they are all more afraid of you than you are them but this aprticular dream was frightening and I searched about it and it was just as ambigious as I thought it be as if I were asking muy grandmother to tell me what it meant and when I ask her again she would tell me a different version. Anyway I was scared adn if yoyu can help thanks

  72. Hi Kelly,

    there are really interesting dreams here – good to read.

    I had a dream just two days ago that confused me and scared me that I’m still trying to workout what it really means..

    All I can recall is a very very large python snake (don’t like them) with an overly large head with a johnny Depp like hat just stared into my eyes and told me “come with me.” I hesitated but still went with this snake. It seemed to me that I was climbing the snake as we kept going higher and higher to what seemed like nothing but into the clouds and blue sky.

    After that, I ended up in a desert. It was like seeing it in a movie. I saw myself in the small, sunny but windy desert covered up from head to toe with just my face revealed – like what people using wear in the desert. There were a couple of trees there. I remember feeling like “I have to get there..I *must find it”. I felt that this was my path/journey to my “treasure” or fulfillment.

    Please help.

  73. hi , i was woundern if ucan help me understand a dream that i had of a snake thta was black and brown .. it was in a sealed up bag tryn to get out but every time it would try to get out i wouldnt let it … the feeling i had in the dream was frieght can u please help me understand this dream or is some one tryn to tell me some thing thanx …. sandra!

  74. Dear Kelly,

    I walked in to my old catholic grade school but it wasnt the same. I was there to be in an out patient depression hospital type thing(i was in in patient last year for a month for anexioty and depression). apperantly i was 3 weeks late and that made me nervous. they gave us new seats and treated us like little kids. i saw many firmiliar faces i knew. i talked to a few saying oh i didnt relieze you were this depressed or why are you in here? many of them acted like i should have known. some were very hostial. then i didnt know some of the others and i remember judging them. we sat down in our desks but something was wrong with mine. it turned into dirt and was almost like a hole. but it was ok for me to sit in like a normal chair. the counsler was talking and i looked down near my leg. i saw a piece of toilet paper with small dots of blood all over it and behind it i could just barely make out a dark shape in a smaller hole. then a small black snake came out. i screamed and backed away farther and farther untill i thought it wouldnt come after me. this black snake almost looked like it was floating towards me then it lunged and bit me. it latched on and wouldnt let go. i screamed but felt no fear or pain. Im not sure if it was poisnous but i think it was and im not sure if i saw any blood on my leg from tthe snake bit but i remember once a counsler got it off and killed it they yelled at me and said it was my fault because i should have seen it earlier. i felt so embaresed and dumb. i stayed quiet then i woke up.

    please help me with my dream. i will give you any more details or information that you need to help me figure this out. for some reason this dream really stuck out to me and i want to know what its all about.

    please write back,

  75. I had a very strange dream last night, the one that stays with you all day the next day. First, I dreamed of being in my mother’s house (my childhood home) with my current family and watched a snake eat a rodent that was in the house. Then during the same dream, I was in my chldhood bed in the same home, and while I slept, a snake crawled inside me and when I woke up, realized it was in me and panicked, telling my husband to take me to the hospital to get it cut out. I thought it was the same snake, but learned it was not. However, before i could react, the snake left my body on its own and slithered away not harming me or anyone else. It was a long plain brown snake. I’m sure this has to do with what i am going through right now, but not sure how it relates. My mother is elderly and planning on moving and selling her home (the home in the dream). We (my family) are contemplating moving to her home and relocating our children into another school district. I don’t want to do it, but for financial reasons we may have to. I had a dysfunctional childhood w/verbal abuse and many bad memories. What is this snake telling me?



  78. hi, can u plz help me solve the mystery of this dream I had only once, but it disturbed me a lot.
    I saw that I was dreaming in the dream that there was a pond type in front of my building. In the center of the pond was a statue beside which was a pot of holy water. There were many huge snakes in the pond & I could see them. My mum said that I’ll go and bring the water for us. I tried to stop her but she didn’t. As she was going to lift the pot a huge snake ca,me closer to her, I warned her, but she said it’ll not harm her & she started pampering the snake. But the snake started strangling her.I was not knowing what to do, so I pick up the stone nearby & threw in the water. The snake left my mum & we went in our home. Later a mouse from the pond came in our house & it stared biting me. And because the mouse was from pond the snake surrounded our home from all sides to get the mouse. Later we consulted a pandit & he said that seeing a snake was not good for my fiance. What does this dream mean? Does this dream has anything to do with my mum or my fiance? please help me.

  79. Hi Kelly, I had a dream that me and my children were in a wooden boat in some exotic place ( I am assuming) and a very big and colorful ( anacondaish) looking snake, with some orange and green I think with black spots slithered across the whole boat. I remember telling my children to sit still. I think it was kind of on my lap and it bit my left ankle and before it bit my right ankle I fed it a snack ( a cookie or something) that was packed in the boat and I don’t remember anything else after that.

  80. i am getting frequent dreams abt snakes from past 4 days… cobra n other big one following me in my college.. in the same place [college] i had fought wit my gd friend and i hv nt so many gd friends.. i mean dey envy on me… now i jst want to ask if snake dreams and having enemies is der any relevance. as per islam….please reply

  81. last night i saw a black flying snake in my dream,who was flying around me,my sis & bro was also there..i said to them not to kill him, just let him go from this room afterthat we opened d door to let him go from dat room..He didnt harm us and fly away fromd room.

  82. Hi, I got a dream yesterday night..In my dream I have seen a big large black snake and it is on the side of the wall…i am sleeping on my bed..I just opened my eyes and saw a some thing on wall and I conformed it was a big large black snake..and it is coming near down slowly to come near to me..I had this in dream what does it mean..can u plzz..help me..

  83. i want to know why im dreaming this ……….first : snakes all over the walls at my mom’s house but she didnt see them and i was so tr one long big yellow one was in the front door way …2nd: in a pool a young man show me a like granden snake and he let it go in the pool then it like broke in to lil pieces i trun away then i was falshing boy not knowing i didnt have underware,,, i’m 24 live with my babydaddy and three kids what are they trying to tell plz hlep

  84. hi, i offtern have strange dreams all the time. but last night i had a dream about snakes and all day i cannot stop thinking about it, and its really starting to annoy me.

    theres so many websites about snakes in dreams and all i would like is a straight up answer.

    All i remember in my dream is that it was at a school i use to go to, which i really didn’t enjoy being at, & i was walking thru the school with another person (that i cant remember who) and there were open cages with snakes everywhere with tree stumps and leaves in side of the cages, and the person i was walking with didn’t see the snakes and got bitten several times and i had to keep yelling out to the person to watch out for the snakes, and im really scared of snakes i have never liked them, and in the dream i wasnt scared of the snakes and i was able to dodge them and not get bitten!

    this may not mean anything but if anyone thinks it might could somebody share some information about it with me! i would really appreciate it!

    thanks mikki x

  85. Last night i saw thousands of cobra in my office they were all around my office for about an hour and some of my friends were so comfortable with the snakes. But one of them nearly bit me. After an hour they all went out when one of my friend took all the snakes out.

  86. I had a dream about a bright green snake, in my dream it tried to bite me, but I managed to kill it.
    What does it mean? Does snake dreams always mean bad things are gonna happen?

  87. I had a dream about a brown and black snake and wanted to know what it meant. It didn’t try to bite me or anything it actually came towards me and turned around. Someone caught the snake and walked pass me and as he did the snake just looked at me. What does this mean?

  88. I am fron Nigeria. I had a dream that i and my twin brother were fighting a very big and long snake in our compound. Confronting the snake which had several times attempted to bite us, the snake changed to one of our dogs and changed back to the snake. This happened twice. After sometime the snake ran out of our compound. Determined to hunt it down, i pursued it to the street. And i saw a mighty man as of a giant caught the snake by the neck lifted it up squeezed it and brought it town to finish the kill. The snake had the head of a dog at that moment.
    Waking up i decided to sell the dog cos i cant live with it again after the dream. Mum was reluctant to sell at first but changed her mind four days later because the dog had a sudden change in attitude. She thought it was about to have rabies and we sold off the dog.
    It’s three days after selling the dog and i had another dream. In this dream, the dog came back to our compound with it’s body covered with blisters and sometime looking like raw meat. This dream is hunting me.
    Is the dog possesed? The dog would cry and run whenever we played guitar in our house. Is it naturtal or doea this have a spiritual meaning. Please help

  89. I have had many dreams of snakes, most unpleasant and nightmarish. I always am glad to wake up from them. I hate them.

  90. can u tell me wat does this dream mean plz my brother in law had a dream about me that there were two snakes in my house eating from my food plz

  91. Last night I had a dream that I was laying down on a big white ship …then suddenly someone told me” hey theres a snake inside the ship if it comes to you don’t move so it wont feel you are alive”
    then it will pass by you ..as soon as she was telling me this i felt the snake on my body …i couldn’t look at it Because i didn’t wanted to move but i could feel its weight on me …when it reach to my left hand ,it bite back of my LEFT HAND and i whispered to my friend : “HELP” and she went to bring someone to help me …i was feeling dizzy and i had bruise on back of my left hand, but not so painful…

    This is not my first time dreaming snake bites back of my hand …thats why i’m curious to know the meaning why always back of my left hand …what does it mean ?and it feels so real that even when i wake up i feel my left hand is hurting a little O_0

  92. I just had a dream that I was walking down a dirt road and an old firend of mine appeared. She had two green string beans left in her hand and asked if I would like them. I said ok. She gave the two green beans to me and as I look down in the palm of my hand they are not green beans they look like two large crabs but the skin is like a snake and is green and they begin to move in my hand. I remember in my dream looking and feeling that I did not like this.

    What the heck kind of dream is this?

  93. last night i had a dream that i was being chased throughout my house by many many snakes. They varied in all sizes from huge to small. All different colors. Some were chasing me, some werent. Some actually bit me, some didnt. Then when i ran outside, they were all around me outside my yard to.
    What does this dream mean????

  94. few days ago durring day time i saw a bad dream that a black snake getting out from dustbin placed close to my bed, and my younger sister also lieing sleep next to me but she still slept and i wake up and try to kill this this attacking black snake by throwing purse found close to my bed and after hit by purse snake fell down into dustbin back and then with matchbox I burnt it off along with dustbin and of fear didnt even look into dustbin just burnt it off inside dustbin then because of fear I wake up…please help I am quite disturbed after this dream, although from past I am extremely frightened of snakes usually, even if snakes comes on movies or tv I simply change channel cant bearing watching them

  95. I had a strange but vivid dream last night. I was wondering if anyone could help me solve he meaning. I was walking than i heard a snake hiss and ripped through my left shoulder. I could feel it moving around in my body. Then i saw it seemed like the shape of the head coming from my stomach so i got a knife and grabbed the head tightly, and, started ripping through my skin and cut off the head and took the rest of it out of my stomach. i know it sounds bad but I’ve never dream t of anything like this?

  96. All I can remember from my dream is that I was in my parents old house and I was blowing my nose. I looked up my nose to see if I got it all, I saw a snakes eye. I kept blowing and when I checked again I see just the snakes mouth. I stood there terrified to keep blowing but knew it couldn’t stay in there but also at no point did I feel it was in there anyway. Once I blew enough to get the full head out I start screaming for my mom and started pulling the snake out. It was very stiff. I dropped it in the sink realizing it was dead and the jaw was bent backwards. It was black w/some yellow. I was freaking out continuing to scream for my mom and then woke up. There was also no blood at any point during that dream either.

  97. i think,its an indication for desire of sex.
    is it correct???????//
    i noticed it is common in young age group and during menopause.

  98. Last 3 nights ago i dreamed of being bite by many snake climbing on the trees 🙁
    I was flying but they were hunting/following me and they bite me whenever they reached me 🙁
    But when i got wounded badly there is a guy who helped me and cure my wound
    i cant remember his face..

  99. Hi,
    I had two dreams related to snakes that I recall offhand and would love explanations about.

    First – I saw me entering a house, and recollecting that I thought it was smaller than what I wanted but a house nevertheless. But my father was not able to enter it because there were a bunch of snakes at the gate that wouldn’t let him enter. One of them was black with shiny scales and white stripes like the sea snakes. They were in a square pit just near the gate. So I was at this side of them, and my father at the other end. Felt very helpless at the situation and very sorry for papa.

    Second one which I had just yesterday. I saw a not so large snake being mauled by two larger reptiles that looked like giant lizards. It was as if somebody was teaching me how to hunt down a snake in my dream.

    I fear reptiles.

  100. I dreamed I was at my parents house and a big boa was in the kitchen. It got up to strike at me and I threw a cloth across it’s face, it covered it’s eyes. I then grabbed it’s head and held his mouth shut. I was holding it very tightly because I didn’t want it to get me or get away from me. I kept calling my mom and dad to help me but they never would come. They have passed away many years ago. Finally, my husband came to help but I didn’t know how was was going to let go. The cloth slipped from it’s mouth and instead of scales, it had fur on it. I remember looking at it and thinking it looked raggedy, then I woke up.

  101. I had a dream last night, We are in a pet store and we get this white hollow looking shell with a lizard in it, my husband, his live long best friend and I take it home and but first we have to sit and wait for some kind of show to start and I am playing around getting chairs but then I turn around and my bed is infront of me with the white hollow shell. And it has s big black and yellow snake coming out of it with baby snakes crawling out of it!

  102. Hi Kelly,
    There was a big coincidence this morning. My hubby and I dreamt of snake. He saw big cobra early morning. IN dream ,he himself bought it and kept in home then suddenly it disappeared and rounded the body of his brother. And on seeing this scene his dream broke. Where as I saw snake somewhere at 9am. I was not in deep sleep, I was simply laying down and withing seconds I got dream. That snake failed down from the roof of house on me but still I didnt frighten,rather I was thinking in dream to throw it out.
    We were not knowing about each other’s dream. But in evening we shared our dreams and was quite surprised with the coincidence. How could we both see snake in dream on the same day? What kind of indication or intimation it must be? Please clarify.

    1. Snakes are very powerful creatures in dreams. Many people have vivid snake dreams, so it could just be a coincidence that you and your husband would both dream of snakes on the same night. But maybe it is not a coincidence. Maybe there is a connection of meaning or insight. If I were you, I would ask myself about the differences between his snake and my snake. He brought his snake into the house, whereas my snake fell into our house. His snake disappears around his brother, whereas I want to throw the snake out myself. Snakes can symbolize many things–wisdom, danger, healing, aggression, male sexuality, evil–it really depends on your life context to determine what the snakes are symbolizing for you. It does seem important that you and your husband dreamed about snakes on the same night. Perhaps you share other dream themes with each other? In that sense, perhaps the snakes are inviting you and your husband to a deeper dream dialogue?

  103. Dear Kelly,
    Thankyou so much for replying
    This is the first time we had dream on similar lines. Both of us have very strong bonding and have open dialogues. I used to have had dreams related to water, but those are also rare these days. But in his case he sees snake in dream mostly once in a year. I am thinking on all fronts,but not getting any clue.
    Could it be related by any chance to our secong child, which we are plannign to have these days. But then what is it trying to tell? Please if possible give it a thought.


    1. That’s interesting to hear about your plans for a second child. Perhaps the snakes are symbolizing sexual creativity? The power of creating new life together?

  104. I had a dream about a snake that just amazes me and scares me. I was back at a old house i loved so much growing up in as a kid. The snake was one of those red and white ones but mixed like around the tip was a ugly patterned brown, this was also the color of his head. Anyway, he was out in the sunroom/poorch area and he was trying to get through the door trying to attack me and i kept fighing him and finally killed him by braking his tale and neck with the door. Later my aunt and mom came down the drive way and i told them and then my side hurt and the snake had bitten me on myside. It hurt and i believe it was poisonous. There is just something, emotion maybe that draws me to this dream any feed back would be nice. Thanks(:

    1. That’s an intense dream! One question that immediately comes to mind is whether or not the dream refers to an actual childhood experience of abuse or trauma (symbolized by the poisonous serpent). Nightmares from such experiences can recur throughout the rest of one’s life. If this is not true in your case, then it seems to be a metaphorical dream about feeling vulnerable and under attack in a very personal, private space–and having the power to defend yourself successfully. The appearance of female relatives plus the male gender of the snake makes me wonder about pressure in the waking world from masculine aggression, something my female relatives can understand. I don’t know what to make of the specific colors of the snake–he just sounds like a scary one. This may not relate at all, but your dream reminds me of Queen Maya’s ancient dream in which an elephant touched her on the side with his (snake-like) trunk, and when she awoke she had conceived the child who would become the Buddha. I wonder if in your dream something was conceived when the snake bit you, some kind of insight, some kind of new potential for awareness.

  105. Dream from last night:

    I’m looking at an attractive and slightly mysterious woman who has a huge Boa wrapped around her neck – 1 foot diameter at its middle. The woman and snake are clearly benevolent toward each other. I like them, and am somewhat intrigued. The snake keeps twining and untwining itself about her neck until it finally decides to leave. When it does, it exits the scene by coming towards me. Its as if I’m on the “audience” side of the fourth wall, as in a theater, so I don’t see exactly where it goes, only that it exits the scene towards me.

    Then in a next scene, a slightly rotund, middle-aged man with a small, dark moustache is going to prove that he can swallow a snake. He holds up a smaller snake – I think it’s a python or viper this time – and I see that it has a pink wound at the tiny part of its tail. He begins to swallow the snake about six inches at a time until all but the very last bit are down his throat. Then he extracts the snake by similar increments until it is entirely removed from his throat. As he takes it out, it’s very bloody. At that point, he places the snake on a table before him, cuts off its head, and quickly eats the head.

    At that point in the dream, I feel ambivalent and slightly guilty about beheading the living creature, and, without consciously realizing I’m dreaming, I wonder if I shouldn’t revise the dream so that the snake doesn’t get killed.

    Any responses?

    1. The motif of a special bond between women and serpents harkens back to Eve and the serpent in the Garden of Eden. You could explore a traditional symbolic possibility (snakes + women = danger) or a gnostic interpretation (snakes + women = spiritual wisdom). The second part of the dream puts the situation at a slight distance (the man) from the dreamer’s personal situation; is it happening to the dreamer, or to someone else? or some other part of the dreamer’s psyche? Whatever the snake symbolizes, the man tries to take it inside himself, incorporate it, transform it into his own body and essence, draw power from it. The ambivalence about killing the snake may mirror the ambivalent energy of the snake itself. The dream ends on a “heady” note, far from the woman at the beginning. If I were you, I’d start with her when reflecting on the dream.

  106. in my dream i saw me and my love was having fun..we went out for walk then i saw my love changing into snake in front of me i wasn’t scared nor frightened i was very relaxed as if i know it will not hurt me..after sometime i saw another with whom my love was playing after which the snake left and my love again changed into human …and we went away.

  107. Hi,
    I had dreams of Snakes from years,Different snakes (black and grey – multiple) they dont attack me in the dreams. But i always get scared of them and try to defend my self from them.
    But I had a recent bad dream in which my house full of snakes (may be 5 or 6) Out of one is posionous snake attacking my father and I was trying to protect him from the snakebite.When i waked up from dream i visualized a coil cobra few feets away from my bed.

    Can anybody help me out??? I m very scared after this dream.


    1. If it were me, I’d certainly tell my father about the dream, so he knows I feel concerned about him. The dream may not directly relate to him, but it might make you feel less anxious to share the dream with someone else. Plus, he may have something interesting to say about where the snakes are coming from….

      1. I had a dream a black long greyish snake on top of the roof and my husband is seating on the couch underneath first I scream at my daughter and then scream his name trying to warn him but its like he cant hear me. The snake bite him several times in his face and it rolls itself in his arm like it wi continue biting him I grabbed it and I threw it on the floor now im pulling him from the couch it seems like he was uncontious trying to take him to the emergency room and I realise im about to leave another daughter who is sleeping in the other room and I woke up Please assist in explaining this dream.

  108. I have had many dreams of snakes. My latest one, I was at an old wooden cabin by a lake. I was down by the water when I saw this snake, it was very huge and its skin had many different colors some that were glowing, this was at night time. The snake saw me and chased me, I was very scared, I got away, then I was down by the water again and the snake went by me again I could see the colors glowing in the night, this time I was not scared, as he went by I grabbed it by its tail end and it started to coil around my hand, that’s when I woke up.

  109. Hi Kelly, last night I saw in my dream that a whitis ,brownish snake kept bitting my right ankle, I pulled that snake. Then looked at my rite ankle, 2 holes filled with blood. Then I told my mom She started to cry was praying for me and I didn’t feel and bad.

    1. Thanks for sharing this! The fact that the snake’s bite penetrated your skin makes me wonder what the snake is giving you–poison? energy? fertility? The ankle is a vulnerable spot on our bodies. It doesn’t sound like you were too scared, is that right? Was your mother more scared than you? Depending on your religious background, snakes can be seen in positive or negative terms, so that’s definitely a factor. This is a guess, but perhaps you mother is scared you are growing up, becoming mature and independent?

  110. Kelly,

    I dreamt last night that a two headed snake was coming after me. I was in an airport terminal rushing to catch a layover, and while I was talking to the gate attendant this snake appeared. The lady toyed with the snake, saying that he was playful, but when he came toward me I had a sense of dread and awoke heart pounding and all hot and sweaty.

    It was a weird snake too. It’s heads were snub-nosed (wide and flat at the mouth, not pointy like normal). He was yellow, and not too long (maybe 2-3 ft).

    I’m not one to give too much significance to dreams, but this one definately congured up a feeling of certain meaning/symbolism. Something about snakes…

    1. That’s a creepy one! Some initial thoughts: The terminal seems like a threshold between one place and another, a liminal zone of transition, change, movement; the male/female dynamic, with the masculine snake and feminine gate attendant, makes me wonder about the tension of opposites at this liminal place; The two heads, a doubling of the snake’s power or intelligence?; The weird shape of the heads perhaps suggest this is not a “real” snake, the “point” isn’t as obvious as it might be in the waking world; The fear is a natural instinct, yet if this were my dream I’d wonder if my desire to “keep moving” and make my connecting flight has been thwarted by my anxiety; Can this gate attendant be trusted? Can I (the dreamer) adopt her benevolent and friendly attitude toward the strange serpent?

  111. Kelly,
    Thanks for the response. I definitely get the transition peice you mention. I’m currently deployed to Afghanistan and am anxiously awaiting the chance to get home to my wife and daughter. My daughter is under 2 and keeps changing without me…hope she recognizes/remembers me. I hope my relationship with my wife hasn’t suffered due to the prolonged absence.

    I haven’t had the snake dream again. Wish I could have the dream again and see what happens if I allow the snake near me…

    Thanks again.

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  113. I had a dream recently where I was at a certain place along (forest or something?). And I said a snake. It was red, black, and dark green-ish. (It also had red eyes.) It was on a log and it slithered onto my hand, very calmly. I wasn’t scared of it because *something* told me it wouldn’t bite. I was completely nude (don’t know why!) but it just curled itself around my waist. Then I moved it towards my neck (I was careful because I had long nails) and then it just moved downwards. I liked the way it felt, and I guess I smiled. In reality I’m terrified of snakes, I just hate them even if I’ve been really close to one many times before. What would this mean??!

    1. A snake in a dream is not the same as a snake in waking life. A dream snake represents a kind of autonomous life energy, both dangerous and strangely invigorating, that humans and their primate ancestors have been dealing with for millions of years. It sounds from this dream like you have an opportunity to form a closer and potentially inspiring relationship with this energy.

  114. Dear Kelly,
    Can you please try to interpret my dream. I have several dream about the huge snake bigger than boa. First dream is that i was in the forest with my family and friends and were passing all the bushes and thick mud road with green fuana and big trees. Then suddenly we reach the blue river that water is directly flowing from the sea and this big shining boa blue snake is just passing us very kindly and never bring any harm. Im just looking this snake as he slip to the waters and passing to me never bite me but very calmly slip near me.
    The next dream I see this setting several times in my dream about this big sleeping snake in my old big
    lawn area back in my hometown. This snake is only looking at me far from behind and suddenly passing my way. I was very terrified but never this snake attacked me he looked so kindly but very big. Then last night I have again a dream that I was then pass by our old lawn this snake is passing in the muddy and swampy place. I see this creature slide his all body is big his color is brown and again when I look back he was so sleeping hardly curling with his tail. In my spiritual life I always yearn to be very serious in my faith. I try my best to be obedient in observing christian faith. God has been good to my life. This dream has contribute to me a lot. I believe that this snake is having connection to my spiritual life. God is watching and keeping me safe all the time. And from your view of expertise I want to hear how this dream will contribute in my life..Thanks ahead and have a beautiful life in helping peoples dream…..

  115. I had a weird dream where an extremely large black and red snake was coming out of the this huge hole in the side of a mountain or volcano and I was a warrior trying to kill this snake neither one of us actually ever died in my dream and nothing has happened since, but it was just earlier today and it was one of those dreams where I thought I was awake and couldn’t bring myself out of luckily my wife came in the room woke me up it really freaked me out I’ve always been told these are usually pretty negative dreams to have who knows guess we’ll see….

  116. Last night I had a dream that I found my two year old daughter laying on the ground surrounded by reptiles that she had EATEN! Most prominent of them was a snake. It looked like a half eaten boa but in the dream I was panicking and telling her father that the snake she ate was poisonous. At that point I was holding her in my arms wondering if I should take her to the hospital. Any ideas on what this could possibly mean?

  117. Hi Kelly.
    Strangely, my most vivid dreams come at nap time. So the other day, i was sleeping and had an actual (waking) physical attack on my body (ive been in health problems). I rolled over and went back to sleep, hoping my pain might subside. I then dreamt that i was at a strange woman’s house. I was a child having a sleepover party with her children, others i’d never seen before. All of a sudden, she beconed me, calmly, into her living room, where she told me she wanted me to meet the family pet snake. As soon as I entered, I became 21 again, my age right now. It was slithering around the carpet, a copperhead, and came right up to the red velvet stool i was sitting on. “Don’t worry” she remarked. “It bites, but we got it’s venom removed.” At that, it slowly picked its head up, held it in the air for a second, and then lunged at my left thigh just above my knee. I looked at the snake, and the woman told me to ignore it. So i did. At equal intervals, the snake kept biting me in the same place. The woman kept talking, casual conversation, as though a snake were not biting me in her living room! I reached out to pet it and befriend it, and i managed to pet its head. The snake calmed down and stopped biting me, but everytime id stop petting it, it would bite me again. When I walked out of the living room, i was very anxious that the woman had not actually known whether the venom had been removed or not, and had wondered if maybe the side effects would come to haunt me later. Upon wakig, i had this weird gut feeling that nature was “against” me at the moment, and when I went outside to read, I looked over from where I was sitting, and a brown recluse spider (very poisonous!) was had crawled up on the chair only a few inches away from me! I got up and went back inside. I am very impressed by your interpretations, and cannot wait to hear what you have to say! Thank you for your help!

  118. I had a dream that the snake was goin around my brain I mean inside my head goin around my brain biting and I some how got it out thur my nose and throw it what do this dream means I cant figure out if it means healing worries or sickness

  119. I had a dream about a snake which is trying to chase me in my previous house….in that dream…my mom and a uncle and 2 puppies in but in yet it still chasing me….in a certain point i give up and sit infront of the snake ….the snake glide toward me and in a fear if he gona bitten me and his head was up…i quickly hold is head….what it is means…..i usualy dont dream about snake frequently… When i was 7 years old..i dream about green which just coming towards with his head down to the floor…..and now i m 17

  120. I had a dream that I was in a strange house and playing with a pet snake and then it bit my left hand right forearm and then my left arm pit when I tried to get it off it wasn’t letting go and when I finally got it off put it back in it’s tank and it climbed out and was just sitting on the top then I was in a total different place

  121. I had a dream i was at a wedding helping with food preparations. I can’t quite recall most it but I ended up with a sack with about 7/8 snakes. I asked someone for a lighter to burn the snakes and one snake looked up from the sack hissed and then escaped. I took a stick and started hitting the snakes, killing about 3. It felt like some had escaped into the house..although I was not at home?
    I really would like to know because a few weeks ago my partner actually had what seemed like a psychotic episode hearing voice of hatred for us and then it seemed as if he was about to be initiated into sat*nsm because he had dreams of being shown the flashy life and bibles being burnt almost like how Jesus was shown the world by the devil in the wilderness. By the way I have a Christian background all I could do was pray for him before they took his soul.
    Please shade some light. Thank you

  122. Kelly please help :
    I had a dream last night where a snake came around me and was rubbing the middle of my head. It felt so real so even though I was scared, I didn’t want to use my hands to push it away, in my dream or by waking up. It felt nice though. The middle of the top of my head. Any thoughts would be appreciated
    Ps: I’ve been having some sinus issues lately after flying too much and blocking my ears and I’ve been super worried about my ears and on sudafed … Unsure if this has deny thing to do with it as I was dreaming part of my subconscious was thinking the snake was curing me and fixing my sinus…..

  123. I had a dream that I was outside at a home Ididn’t recognize with other family. it felt like my grown children maybe. Iwas walking along a cement path and to my rightin the grass and dirt Isaw a pile of snakes quite a few but not a pile bigger thsn a few feet across and maybe no more than six to ten brown tan snakesthat mafe me think rattle snakes but on waking realized no rattles so maybe cotton mouths? I was alarmed but not terrified and had gotten some sort of trimmer like a mower only shorter based and was going along the edges of the path to run over the snakes but knew Iwasn’t going far enough from path to run over the ones Ihad seen. Then i saw what i thought wad the pile Isaw earlier but it wad a snake all chopped up. then i saw my ex father in law who had been dead for four yrs now. i knew that it must have been him that did it and i felt grateful and relievedeven tho we were not close in life

    1. I woke after that but kept seeeing the image if snakes in my mind as i lay in bedand wondered why i felt relief at the one snake being dead when there was a whole pile elsewhere and why my father in law appeared in my dream. could it be a connection to my ex who was close to him?

  124. I had a dream that involved a snake (and wasps and self-mutilation). But I saw a large purple snake on a tree to my right. It lunged to bite me but missed, and then it said “There are still things you can’t see.” After that, its head was chopped off by someone standing next to me. Is this a warning of even darker days? Or does it mean I will overcome them, since its head was chopped off?

  125. Hi
    I had a dream about small snakes that kind of looked like cornsnakes and then something which looked like a rock python. The small orangey snakes were all over on the floor heading in one direction , But the Python looked as if it was all “comfortable” Especially because it was on my 3 seater couch Lying in a rolled op way with only its head not down. F reaked out in my dream jumping around trying to find someone to help. but it seems to me there was family in my house. But they werent scared at all and i could not make out what and who they were could just tell they were familiar.
    Could someone please tell me what this means??

  126. I had a dream this morning of two snakes. I was at my mother’s house (we truly don’t get on) I was with my son outside and I went inside to ask her something. She noticed damage on a piece of furniture and attacked me asking what I had done. I then turned around and shouted at her not to hit me. I then remembered my son in all the drama and there was a green snake on him. I threw it off and ran. The next dream day I was at my mother’s again. I was having a bath and she tried to make me drink some water saying it would calm me. I then noticed my son wasn’t with her. I ram out to rind a red snake near him. I grabbed him and ran out the house and went home. What does this all mean?

  127. Today i dream about 2 black snake and red snake . My dream is complicate . First , i dream one boy who eaten my food . So i caught him and he changed into red snake . Then i tied him . After that he broke that i tied and told me . Now it’s my turn bcoz of not attacking me is he was felt painful of his arm . Then he attacked me . But i don’t remember where he was bitten to my body . Like tv remote . I pass the dream . Next dream i remember part is i caught black snakes and my mom also . Then we killed them . I was wondering if someone dream something scary , does people know it is dream and can they change their dream?

  128. I dreamed I was in a room and just above me a huge snake slithered down, it was venomous, having not one set of fangs but two – the second set were laterally sticking out of its jaw I had to be careful grabbing this enormous snake grappling with it and watching my hands as it squirmed to release itself from grip the lateral fangs were close to my hand and highly poisonous – I eventually got this enormous snake and set it free outside of the house- ‘go away; as I went back into the house there was a smaller snake and I had to make sure I found it as to make the house safe. Woke a bit upset with this dream as I have dreamed snakes before and they were literal warnings – and had come to pass in waking life. So I ma careful to interpret this one as perhaps symbolic ( not sure). I live in a place where tiger snakes are often seen and they are very poisonous – being bitten some years ago and fighting for my life I have a distinct memory of the smell in the venom ( dog got bitten and cat and both died – I survived) bad season for snakes coming out to thrive after a 3 year drought – I am aware of the snake as a potential threat in this case.

  129. My aunt shared with me a dream she had of me and snakes. She said there were two serpents not snakes (I believe there is a difference right?) Anyhow, she said there were two serpents one wrapped on each leg of mine. They were just wrapped not constricting me but I was what it seemed like unconscious my aunt said eyes closed head tilted to the side. In the dream my aunt (on my mother’s side), my dad, and I were in the dream. My aunt and dad are yelling at each other one trying to get the other to kill or somehow remove the serpents away from me. Until my dad with some kind of weapon or spear I would think aims at the serpents mouth and kills them. The end of the dream. My aunt tells me she awoke very scared even though the serpents were killed and I was “saved”. What could that mean?

  130. Past few nights Ive been havin nightmares last night I dreamt I was on a beautiful beach 3-4 people on beach then out comes an Anoconda & began swollowing people then seniary changes to a blues lounge & snake began to swollow the Base player…..Then I woke-up

  131. Last night i had a dream that i was at a store in my wheelchair that i sometimes use when having to walk far because i have bad knee and back injuries.. Another man in a wheelchair had a long skinny yellow and black snake that somehow got up under my back of my shirt.. It wrapped its tail around my waist, the whole time i was scared but i kept telling myself just don’t move and it wont bite.. At that time it started to lick my lower back.. Then it was gone.. Another man in another wheelchair had a snake as well but i was afraid of it.. But it didn’t bite me. He said something about the ither guys snake and what he called it , but he said it was a good snake. I am terrified of snakes but somehow i found courage to overcome it with that one snake and it disappeared even though i knew it was deadly. I wonder what it means?

  132. I saw small snake on my back as well as another snake in front of me in hand of a person in dreams what does it mean?

  133. i dreamed a big snake passing by me and when it saw me it got very furious. then it demanded a sacrifice from me then i gave it two washing pexes and it was very happy. it asked for water and it bathed and cleansed its eyes and it turned into a beautiful white girl. I demanded i look it straight into its eyes which i did and it told me to walk away from divorced friends..

  134. I’ve had 7 snake dreams over the last year and a half or so. Do you think there is some meaning in the fact that I keep having them?

    In the first one, a snake came out of some grass and bit me on my right thigh. It hurt so bad that it woke me up and I could still feel the pain for a second or two.

    In the second snake dream, I was sitting on a bed talking to a group of 4-5 people, who were wearing white robes, about their homeland. I really wanted to visit their land until they mentioned that there were a lot of snakes there, but then they reassured me I would get used to the snakes. As we left the bedroom, I looked back and saw an enormous black snake under the bed I had been sitting on.

    In another dream, I’m lying on top of a snake while it crawls, not really putting my weight on it. Then I open a drawer and see a snake, but then the drawer somehow turns into a stairway and I’m watching the snake go up the stairs.

    In another dream, my ex-husband surprises me with a gift of a large birdcage filled with snakes, maybe some other animals, and two small children. I was worried the snakes were going to escape because the bars on the cage were spaced pretty far apart, and I just kept saying how I didn’t understand how I was going to keep this cage in my bedroom.

    In another, I’m sharing a bed with my adult niece and she falls asleep while holding a snake. So then the snake is loose and I’m worried it’s in the bed with us. I end up finding it in a closet. Then the scene shifts and I’m swimming in a pool while holding a baby and trying to keep its head above water.

    In another, I walk into my kitchen and smell dog poop. I see my dog has had an accident. I go to clean it up with a towel and when I bend down I realize it’s now a snake that is coiled up. I yell for my niece to get away from it.

    In the most recent one, I’m swimming in a public pool with a child. I see a water moccasin in the pool and start trying to figure out how to get the child out of the pool. (I think I was the least scared in this dream, so maybe that’s some sort of progress? Not sure why I keep having these snake dreams though.)

  135. I had a dream where I had several green snakes burrow into my leg and my arm. I was able to pull them out. I was sitting in what appeared to be a part of a stream. I woke up freaked out. What could it mean?

  136. I had a dream in which i am dancing and i have a small snake (almost like a python) in my hand….we are showing dance to people….i dint see the audience but i felt like i am dancing in front of audience….it dint harm me….its in my hand and i have holded it ….it was like the snake was very used to me and very friendly to me….and cooperated with me when i was showing my dance….

    please tell me what does that mean ???

  137. I had a dream today. Time is netwewn 3pm to 5.30pm. “I dreamed about a python. I, was playing cricket with my friend. There was a well nearby. I went to there and i saw a big python shallowing some thing. Then i called my friends to see view. One of my frind felt into the well. But we managed to save him . but suddently python try to scape. When it try to move its body was cracked and a human leg came out. We thought that the huamn still alive so we try to save him by killing the snake. ” its day dream wht it mean.

  138. I had a dream 1 week ago…I can’t forget. My boyfriend asked me if I can bear a joke. I said yes. He put a thick tall snake all around my body. He was having fun. Also his family around. I was quite but with one finger was touching his arm in order to finish this. The snake was kaki color. He didn’t do no harm just looked me in my eyes….after I did wake up…does it mean that I will separate from my boyfriend because actually we had a little fight? 🙁

  139. Hi,
    Good morning
    Last night I had some weird dream, In dream i was coming back from some college and on my way I saw some little tiny snakes the new borns and mum snake was dying and she was releasing small snakes from her body and I had to cross the road and they were so many I got scared and I might accidently touched some of those and when I reached home , I told my parents of that incident and I said I am sure they must be some snake here, because they were so many in numbers. .. And I started scrachting my feet and suddenly I saw one passing over , he touched my right hand and crossed over . And since then I felt itchy on my right hand and then I kept saying to my parents there must be few more here. And strange part when I woke up and I had 3 tiny scratch marks on my right hand exactly where I felt the itchy..
    Dont know what it means. But i dont remember my dreams. Ever since I have relocated to another country I get dreams every night. But I still dont remember them, but I remember this one very clearly.
    Could you please explain what does that mean?

  140. I dreamt of a really giant snake asking for my help. It says “Help me to go to mediterranean” But i ignored it.
    It happened twice in the same dream. In the dream, the snake was at the same position. Strangely, only i could see and hear the snake.
    Could anyone help to interpret this dream?

  141. A couple months ago, I dreamed that I was in my house and I was drawn to a window because of a large fire outside in the dark yard…I went out to the fire and stood there as 4 snakes (2 Cobras and 2 Copperheads) came out of the fire shoulder to shoulder towards me. They were speaking/whispering softly at first but then more urgently as I could not understand what they were saying. When they got right up to me the fire flared suddenly and I woke up. I never did understand what they were saying to me. It has puzzled me ever since.

  142. Usually from what I believe a snake means fortune coming or going , and/or new life expected . However this time things were different and I’m quite concerned with this one , as it is not something I found familiar to myself and what I know to be common for me and my spiritual beliefs and history of dreams. I was in my home (my home in the dream , not my actual home ) my supposed home in the dream was actually the guy whom I’ve been seeing almost 3 years. However he’s not my boyfriend we don’t do the title thing, but we are close and care about and love eachother. He was not in the dream his home was just mine in the dream . There was a snake , things were still kinda empty as if I were moving either in or out of the place. The snake was off in the other room, I recall leaving it be momentarily then I went to make myself do away with it and when I did it had buried up under something , tail out perfectly for me to catch it. As I caught it , it swung around and barely bit my hand. Not hard, no blood , really i dint recall any pain either . I was not able to determine the snake but the fangs were huge. I had been at his home when the dream occurred and he had been playing something with cobras dancing on people . The thing that concerns me so much is that the home was mine , he was not present but BUT , my grandmother was there with me . I do not generally have dreams involving her and the fact that I did has me for one, concerned about the whole dream , and for two scared that something may be wrong with my grandmother – as I have read some things online and saw a similar situation translated to mean sickness etc . I also wonder if it’s coincidental because what we were watching, but the grandmother thing is throwing me off completely. Please tell me your thoughts on this. I have been back and forth between my thoughts trying to determine the meaning and I have swayed myself in the scary direction of thinking something may be wrong with my elder grandmother and I do not sit well with or enjoy such thoughts of my sweet granny this way. Thanks so much in advance. ?

  143. Usually from what I believe a snake means fortune coming or going , and/or new life expected . However this time things were different and I’m quite concerned with this one , as it is not something I found familiar to myself and what I know to be common for me and my spiritual beliefs and history of dreams. I was in my home (my home in the dream , not my actual home ) my supposed home in the dream was actually the guy whom I’ve been seeing almost 3 years. However he’s not my boyfriend we don’t do the title thing, but we are close and care about and love eachother. He was not in the dream his home was just mine in the dream . There was a snake , things were still kinda empty as if I were moving either in or out of the place. The snake was off in the other room, I recall leaving it be momentarily then I went to make myself do away with it and when I did it had buried up under something , tail out perfectly for me to catch it. As I caught it , it swung around and barely bit my hand. Not hard, no blood , really i dint recall any pain either . I was not able to determine the snake but the fangs were huge. I had been at his home when the dream occurred and he had been playing something with cobras dancing on people . The thing that concerns me so much is that the home was mine , he was not present but BUT , my grandmother was there with me . I do not generally have dreams involving her and the fact that I did has me for one, concerned about the whole dream , and for two scared that something may be wrong with my grandmother – as I have read some things online and saw a similar situation translated to mean sickness etc . I also wonder if it’s coincidental because what we were watching, but the grandmother thing is throwing me off completely. Please tell me your thoughts on this. I have been back and forth between my thoughts trying to determine the meaning and I have swayed myself in the scary direction of thinking something may be wrong with my elder grandmother and I do not sit well with or enjoy such thoughts of my sweet granny this way. Thanks so much in advance. ?

  144. Usually from what I believe a snake means fortune coming or going , and/or new life expected . However this time things were different and I’m quite concerned with this one , as it is not something I found familiar to myself and what I know to be common for me and my spiritual beliefs and history of dreams. I was in my home (my home in the dream , not my actual home ) my supposed home in the dream was actually the guy whom I’ve been seeing almost 3 years. However he’s not my boyfriend we don’t do the title thing, but we are close and care about and love eachother. He was not in the dream his home was just mine in the dream . There was a snake , things were still kinda empty as if I were moving either in or out of the place. The snake was off in the other room, I recall leaving it be momentarily then I went to make myself do away with it and when I did it had buried up under something , tail out perfectly for me to catch it. As I caught it , it swung around and barely bit my hand. Not hard, no blood , really i dint recall any pain either . I was not able to determine the snake but the fangs were huge. I had been at his home when the dream occurred and he had been playing something with cobras dancing on people . The thing that concerns me so much is that the home was mine , he was not present but BUT , my grandmother was there with me . I do not generally have dreams involving her and the fact that I did has me for one, concerned about the whole dream , and for two scared that something may be wrong with my grandmother – as I have read some things online and saw a similar situation translated to mean sickness etc . I also wonder if it’s coincidental because what we were watching, but the grandmother thing is throwing me off completely. Please tell me your thoughts on this. I have been back and forth between my thoughts trying to determine the meaning and I have swayed myself in the scary direction of thinking something may be wrong with my elder grandmother and I do not sit well with or enjoy such thoughts of my sweet granny this way. Thanks so much in advance. ?

  145. Hi,

    Last night i saw a dream of snake.Me with my family we are at some water fall place and i gone into water and saw black snake in water and come out from water.
    Then i realized that it was in my thumb of left foot and it was too thin then me and my mom try to pull it out from my foot and it was soo long.Once it stops coming from my foot we realized it is over now then we re check if it’s still
    there and we noticed that it became bigger and again we pull it out and also we notice another snake in my last finger of the same foot and we tried to pull it,it was too long and took very much
    effort to remove it from my foot.

    What does this mean.Could anyone help me to find meaning of this.

  146. I had a dream about an emerald green snake with red eyes that bit my left hand and when I saw the the bite there was two baby snakes were inside my hand? I don’t know what that means??

  147. Hi, Kelly. I hope you will be able to interpret this dream. I dream with two snakes; they were on the grass in front of my gate at my farm. Both were long; One was green, and the other one looked more like a tiger snake. They didn’t feel threatened by my presence, but I wanted to get them through my gate, but the gate couldn’t close suddenly both started moving, after they crossed it, we appear in my bedroom, the green snake goes into my wardrobe.I couldn’t get it because the wardrobe was high with many clothing. The second snake (tiger ) followed me, and when I wanted to call someone over the phone, I heard this voice saying that I shouldn’t look back and start walking.
    Suddenly I leave my bedroom, and I see the snake transforming in a beautiful baby boy, he was calm, and I didn’t grab him. I feel the green snake was female . Do you know what’s the meaning or anyone could help me with this, please?

  148. Hi Kelly,

    I just woke up from a destinct dream. I was shocked to find a very large dark coloured boa constrictor that had swalled my beloved family dog whole. My dog passed away in 2006 so it was weird to see him surface in a dream, so many years beyond his death. In the dream my poor dog was still alive in the snakes belly and i was distressed thinking I need to get him out. The snake was strong but my dog was strong also, the snake was lethargic trying to digest my dog. My dog could hear me and i encouraged him to hurry with me to our shed where i could find a hacksaw to saw off the snakes head, killing it to get close enough to open up the snake and release my dog. My dog was strong and resilient and a great team mate and fought to walk himself inside the big snakes belly to the shed… each of his legs where wrapped im snake skin like cling film so basically he still had the ability to use his snake wrapped legs at the bottom of the snakes large body. When i got to the shed i went to pick up a hacksaw but put it down and replaced it with a chainsaw because i was so fearful to get so close to this snake that i wanted to sever the head as soon as possible . I was holdinga chainsaw behind the neck of the snake (the snake was alert with its head up but it didnt know i was about to saw its head off). I woke before i successfully sawed the head off but the intention to do so was very strong. I feel like i would have definitely sawed it off but cannot 100% garentee that that occured.

    What in earth does such a disturbing and distinct dream mean?

  149. Last night I dreamt that we bought a snake home it was probably about 1 metre and i felt that it wasn’t too large but it escaped and we didn’t know where it was in the house. My partner was relaxed about it but i wouldn’t go to sleep until we found the snake as i was afraid of being bitten while I was sleeping. we looked everywhere, and couldn’t find it. Then something caught our attention it was a large fish tank (which we don’t have in real life) by the front door which contained maybe 8-10 small fish (approx 10-15cm long) were killing the snake. I noticed that the fish were river fish and there was some river weeds in there. They killed the snake but wouldn’t let go, kind of like piranhas, so we have to put both the snake and the fish in a black garbage bag which was double bagged. somehow in the process the fish tank was broken. but we were relieved.

  150. I had a dream that a snake bit me and entered my leg with its head and was trying to enter my leg with its tail too.

  151. I’ve dreamed that my youngest son who is a year old is swimming in the ocean and a green snake is swimming up behind him and I am trying to get to him as fast as possible but the snake bites him twice in the back! I try to suck the poison out and we go to 2 different emergency rooms and then my dream switches over. Does someone know biblically what this means?

  152. i dreamt that i was playing around at the beautiful shallow lake that have crystal clear water and as i playing around i was been bitten by average snake with white skin, it bit me in right in the middle of my face (around my nose to be precisely) and then it went away and my face didnt bleed instead water came out right in the hole where the snake bit me, it didnt scare me tho and i didnt felt any pain at all (even tho its dreaming i can felt the water in the lake where i stand and i can felt the water came out from my face tru my face holes as if its real) can anyone help me out? i just curious…

  153. i always dream about snakes..sometimes its kind of a BOA , and sometimes its a herd of different kind of snakes.. and its always chasing me but most of my dreams about snakes is, there is always a leader and its kind of Big snakes like BOA. And in every time i dream about it, the leader (which is the BIG one) tends to swallow my hand (its either my left or my right hand). and the ending is always the same, which is my other free hand is crushing its head until it was dead.. but lately i don’t have any dream at all..

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