Dream Content and Political Ideology


I remember I was at rugby practice, but the circumstances surrounding it were completely wrong. First, I was playing not with other men, which is normal, but with women. Another strange aspect is that two of the players I was in close contact with were my ex-girlfriend and a girl who I am currently involved with. The only emotion I can remember is being in a state of confusion.


I had a dream that we, my friends from back home (3 males: 2 white and 1 black) were running around outside. Then all the sudden, one of them vanished. Instead of being scared or wondering what happened, we didn’t pay much attention to it. So all the sudden, we found a big joint laying on the ground. It wasn’t just a joint, but a big joint. So we smoked it. After “getting high” we got into a philosophical discussion of whether the joint we found was our friend who was missing.


I dreamed that I was at work configuring a server. Then I got up to go to the restroom, but when I walked out of my office I was at home, which even in the dream felt weird and really unusual. After that I realized that I was dreaming and I woke up.


I dreamt that I was in Seattle looking at houses to rent. I’d never been in any of these houses before, but I can picture the outside of them. I have no idea if they are real or just a composite. I was with my older brother (25) when we were looking. I have no idea why, because I don’t plan on living with him. Nothing very eventful occurred, I only remember standing in a sunlit kitchen with my brother and maybe a few other people and knowing that we were looking to rent. Like I say it was more a feeling than anything else.


I was in a mail jeep (like the workers use at school) with my senior design class teacher and a few students in back. We drove down this straight stretch of road through green pastures until we came to a seaside town with narrow streets. I was driving, and I kept bumping into cars through town. The town is ringed by a mountain range, which touches the sea. We walked up the mountain on one side to the top. On the other side of the mountain I saw people hiking and the waves crashing all the way to the top. It was a sunny, clear day. Then I saw a ship (kind of like Noah’s Ark) half buried and rotting away. Its end was sticking out. I turned to someone next to me (there was a group of people) and asked him what the boat was. He pointed to a stone plaque with the inscription “AD 1146.” The dream ended there.


My dream involved studying for a test. I was out with my girlfriend and all of a sudden remembered I had a test and it was in one hour. Even though I knew I had to start cramming, I still didn’t start studying. When I took the test, a big tiger jumped out at me and next an elephant ate the tiger. I then failed the test because none of the questions looked at all familiar to me. I felt very stressed and helpless.


I needed very badly to make a phone call. I found myself in an enormous room with high ceilings, no furniture, and each wall was a different pastel color. The only object visible on the wall was a gigantic telephone keypad. Each button seemed to be at least a square foot big, and each were of a different pastel color. Three of my hallmates were also in the room, but they were seated at a balcony high above the keypad on the wall. They told me that to make a call with this phone, I had to choose a button, remove it from the wall, turn it over (this is where the number was found on the button), replace the button in the correct hole in the wall, and when I knew which # each button stood for, I could dial my desired number flawlessly. I tried once, but I kept forgetting which button was for which number. As I kept trying, my friends kept giving me suggestions all at once. I remember feeling very frustrated and confused.


After a play performance (I am in the Fall play) I went down to the local tavern. The performance had gone well so I sort of drifted there (not in a car, but not by foot?). In any rate, many women were inspired by my performance. After a few drinks and some pool I found myself in a shower with two beautiful female twins (I know such people) engaged in an ecstatic adventure of passion. The only other part of the dream that I remember clearly now was a friend of mine moving his bowels in the glen (wooded, scenic area with trails) in the rain, where a few other people were watching him.


The dream started at my home town of LA and I thought that my girlfriend was cheating on me. We are very close and always said that we would tell each other if our feelings changed. I confronted her about it and she said that she was seeing someone else and that she had lost all her feelings that she once had for me. I became very sad and wanted to talk with her about it but she did not even want to talk to me. She did not even care how I felt. Then I woke up and realized that it was all a terrible dream.


The dream was set in San Felipe, Mexico. I had just gone down there for Spring break. I was with my girlfriend and four of her housemates, all the same people who really went on the trip. We were sitting in our room in Mexico talking about all the things we had done on the trip. It felt real good and pleasant to just sit around and remember all the good times we had on the trip.


I dreamed that I was in a nickel arcade. This place is very familiar to me because I just spent four hours there. I dreamed that I was walking around looking for a video game to play, when I saw a $5 bill lying on the ground next to a man who was sleeping. I slyly stepped on the bill and dragged it to a corner so I could pick it up. I got the $5 and felt pretty good about myself. Then I walked around more and found 3 $20 bills. I was now $65 richer and a whole lot happier. But, I came across the sleeping man again and realized that people were giving him money as charity. I then realized I took the $5 from that man. I quickly ran over to the man with a beard and placed money on his chest. As I walked away, however, I felt as if I didn’t give him enough money, especially since I just found $60. I contemplated giving him more, then I woke up.


I had a dream that I was at some sort of school like institution where I was around a lot of people. There was an alert that a bomb was going to go off and I was evacuating people and telling people it was time to leave. I made it outside and my mom was waiting for me in a car that was unfamiliar to me. The bomb never went off and no one was ever really scared. I remember opening the car door my mom was in and smelling the smell of fast food in the car. I introduced my mom to whomever I was with and then we left in the car and I remember flipping through all sorts of radio stations in the car.


I dreamt that I woke up in my backpacking tent and looked over to see my girlfriend then sleeping but she was not-she had left. I got out of the tent and it was already late afternoon. I remember I was happy that I had slept so long especially because we were camped on DEEP snow. I saw my girlfriend across this snowy field and started to walk toward her. But as I walked I kept sinking deeper into the snow kind of like quicksand. I remember feeling that I would never be able to get to her but I wasn’t upset I was very content and didn’t seem to mind. I was up to my chest and my girlfriend was smiling at me when the dream ended.


I’m in an urban environment. I have a skateboard and a pole. I walk down some stairs from the street to a little sunken garden. I get on the skateboard and push it along with the pole. Suddenly a bright red car comes driving down the street, turns along the stops, and bursts through the barrier. I’m kind of alarmed by this, but it’s not driving along my trajectory. Suddenly as it’s past me, the car swerves to face me and then stops. I see that the driver is actually a highly decayed corpse! Even the bones look like they’ve shrunk and rotted. For some reason this disturbs me. I punch my pole through the windshield, beating the corpse mercilessly, screaming, “you’re dead, you’re dead, you’re (expletive deleted)ing dead!” over and over at it.

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