Dream Content and Political Ideology


My father is a policeman and last night I had a dream that he was shot and killed in the line of duty. The setting was at a church during the funeral service. My family both immediate and extended were present along with friends and other policemen. The church was of course sad and crying. It was dark, people were wearing black, there were red and white flowers, and a picture of my father in his police uniform at the altar. I woke up from the dream thinking that it had really happened for a few minutes until I saw my dad.


I was driving in a car with Puffy Combs (the rapper) and we were in a convertible coming from the airport so we drove to Jennifer Lopez’s house (his real girlfriend) and we hung out and started to make out. Then he somehow got a whole bunch of pictures of my family naked and sent them to a ton of people in my neighborhood with our names on the back. It was very embarrassing!


I am in an outdoor setting/environment. It’s in the late afternoon, there are green leafy trees throughout the spacious park/field. There is a stage set up like a concert is about to begin. Lights, sound system, colored lights, musicians. I’m starting to get excited with all the hype going on from my nervousness and with the crowd’s excitement. I’m with my boyfriend and we’re just enjoying the time together.
I’m up on the stage performing and singing to the crowd. I’m so nervous and scared, at the same time I’m feeding off of the crowd’s emotions. I start to enjoy the attention, and I’m maintaining locked eye contact with my boyfriend-as if I’m singing to him. The final song is by Selena, “I could fall in love with you, baby….” I’m feeling a little shocked and embarrassed because it’s as if I’m singing to him and sharing my deep thoughts. I’m holding out my hand to him….
–wake up–


A friend, Rene, and I are sitting in his living room watching a DVD on a wide-screen video entertainment system. The room is painted white with only a couch, coffee table, end table, and television in the room. There is an open door behind and to the left of the couch. Rene is sitting in a relaxed position in the corner of the couch (right) beside the end table. He is wearing a red shirt and black pants. I am laying on the couch beside him with my head on his chest. I am wearing blue jeans and a gray sweatshirt. His housemate, Paul, enters the room and walks behind the couch. I speak with him. He teases me about always being there, and I respond that I only come over to watch DVDs. Rene looks at me, yells “hey,” and begins to tickle me. I first notice Paul in the reflection from the TV screen. I never turn around to face him.


My family (2 brothers, 1 sister-in-law, mom, and my fiancé) were on a vacation in a small house. Everyone was sleeping in bedrooms located in the basement. I had a small baby (I do not have one in reality) that wanted to be held and crawl around. I remember when I placed the baby on the floor it began to cry and I thought, “Oh no! You can’t be a spoiled baby.” Then the family ended up going to a TV set of the movie “The Mano Brothers,” but it was more like a fish store/warehouse found by the ocean. My brother and fiancé were actors in the movie. They were the main stars and were giving us a tour of the set. They wore bright blue and red overalls and blue and red collared shirts. In the middle of the tour I put the baby down to crawl around and realized it must be hungry, but I had forgotten a bottle for it. I turned around and my baby had turned into a kitten and was eating cat food in a bowl set out for the movie cat. I picked up my kitten/baby and we proceeded to leave. The smell of fish was very strong and I distinctly remember huge eyeballs protruding out of the fish staring at us. As we were leaving we had to climb a big hill in a field to get to the parking lot. It was dusty and light brown. A guard drove by and asked us what we were doing, but then realized that we were with the stars of the movie and left. I remember waking up with the smell of salt water and fish.


I dreamt a burglar entered my parents’ house. I watched though I wasn’t there. My parents were asleep in bed, however they were on opposite sides than they normally sleep. The man killed my father. Then my mother disappeared. The next day I was somewhere, I don’t know where or with who, but I knew my father had been killed. I drove home to see my mother but driving up I knew she wasn’t there. As I pulled into the driveway I was overcome by sadness and loneliness and started to cry. I woke up from the dream crying. The dream was in color.


This particular dream is recurring. I recently got engaged to the man I’ve been dating for 4 years. We are not getting married until two years from now. This dream starts out the day of our wedding in the morning. When I get up on that wedding day I realize that I forgot to buy a wedding dress. I have nothing to wear and it’s only a couple of hours before our big wedding. My best friend and I rush to a store and try to get something, anything for me. We never end up finding anything and the dream then always ends. It never continues to the actual wedding. My friend is 20 years old also.


I had a dream about my X-boyfriend (25 years old). I was at my hotel room with a bunch of my friends and he was there and had his own room. It was a nice room and at first I was happy to see him. I knew that I would rather be with my current boyfriend (29 yeasr old) but since he wasn’t there I was hanging out with my X-boyfriend. When I was in the room the phone rang and he answered it. It was a girl named Amy, who I have never heard of. Their conversation was brief. I remember him laughing and trying to make me jealous but I didn’t really care. I remember kissing him in my dream. In my dream I knew it was wrong but I didn’t care. When I woke up I felt disgusted and guilty for having this kind of dream.


It was a very disturbing dream. I dreamt that my brother (he’s almost 16) and I were fighting and he had a gun. I suddenly had a gun as well. I don’t remember what we were fighting about, but we were inside a house, at first. I just remember pleading with him not to shoot me. I think I shot at him and he chased me outside. It was night time. Looking back at it, it seems like the house and the neighborhood greatly resembled my Grandma’s. He chased me for a long while and eventually I shot him several times. After he collapsed, I ran over to him and begged him not to die. He did and I felt such a great loss. I woke up crying and feeling like I just wanted to hug my brother.


Saturday night before the dream-one of the people that I row with (Liz) was very upset at a party. Susan, whom I also row with was trying to cheer her up. No one knew what the problem was. That night I dreamt that I figured out what made Liz so upset. We were talking someplace on campus where she lives. The only other part I remember about the setting is that there were plants in the room. It was just the two of us talking. No pleasant or unpleasant feelings, just concern for my friend.


I was walking in a strange mall. I walked by the Gap and they had a huge sale. All their clothing was extremely cheap. I was excited because I found a sweater and shirt that I liked. Then my friend, a female age 18, came up to me and also started looking at the clothes. She picked out a sweater. A salesman started telling me information about the clothes, and then the dream was over.


The dream began in the hospital and I found out I had a baby. At first it wasn’t strange or unusual to me or the people around me. Then I took the baby back to the dorms, with the usual people there. It was then that I started to feel unhappy. I left the baby on the desk and asked my roommate to watch it for me. I then asked questions to myself like how I let it happen and for some reason there was no father at all. I didn’t find that part strange either. It was not until I was back in the dorm that I started to feel hopeless about my future. I started considering my options and remembering that I was against abortion so I had to practice what I always talked about by living with my decision. I don’t remember how it ended but I just remember feeling relieved to wake.


I dreamt that I was a few weeks pregnant, but I was showing as if I was about six months or so. I had a feeling of disappointment because I was pregnant out of wedlock again. I was living back in the place where I moved from 3 months ago. I was helping everyone get ready for my ex’s sister’s wedding in a Catholic church (she’s Baptist and was married in October). Her husband was bringing me home from the rehearsal (I think) and when we arrived at my home, we started talking about my condition and he asked a certain question which I forgot. But I was crying and I wanted him to comfort me, which he did in a friendly way. I don’t remember much else from the dream except that I was hobbling around, very pregnant. The colors were soothing, everything was very homelike, but I was very disappointed at being pregnant.


It was more of a nightmare than a dream, I was standing in a long line with thousands of people in water up to about our waists, we were all being led up to a huge colorful altar, with people surrounding it, where each person was blessed and then killed somehow under water, it was like a mass suicide, and I felt like I was the only person who knew what was going on, everyone else acted like zombies, I freaked out and woke up.

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