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  1. Kelly

    Our medical device treats Insomia quickly and triggers REM sleep. It overrides the REM suppressing aspects of sleeping medication as well and reduces jet lag.

    I’d be happy to answer your questions and send you more research when you’ve had a moment to go on our site.

    My cell is 917 912 0629

    Your work is fascinating.



    Chip Fisher
    Fisher Wallace Laboratories
    New York, NY

  2. I had a dream (nightmare?) from my earliest memory. Always the same. It faded from earliest and finished altogether at about age 5. It was always the same. I did not have it again but it was so vivid that I never forgot it.
    About 38 years later I was present at the birth of my daughter and I became convinced that my dream was in fact my own birth. I have been told that it could not possibly be so. Is it p[ossible

  3. Last night I had a dream of snakes.I saw a very long black snake crawling in my house veranda and there was water all over the house.Very long black snake.And some small black snakes near my feet nd coming under my feet.What does this dream mean ? Then my brother plan to kill the snake with a stick and I insist it’s very long snake.What does the dream mean? Please reply.

  4. I have just finished your book on Big Dreams and enjoyed it very much. I am a practicing life span developmental psychologist who included the study of sleep in my doctoral preparation. Would you be interested in seeing some dreams I have recorded over my life span. I am 88 years old female and I am not sure if you have anyone in my age cohort in your studies. I am a first generation American.

  5. Hello!

    I am emailing on behalf of one of my 3rd grade student, Augie who is doing a curiosity project about dreams. Would you be willing to answer some of his questions? Here is what his mother has been emailing potential contacts. She had no luck. Thank you for looking it over!

    Thank you for assisting with Augie’s 3rd grade Curiosity Project. He is looking for someone to interview this week on the topic of dreams. He is looking at what are dreams, why do we dream, and symbolism in dreams/dream interpretation. He sent the following questions to me (no editing on my part):

    Why do we dream?
    Could the symbols be wrong?
    Do some symbols mean two things?
    Who came up that dreams meant something?
    Are there symbols in chase dreams?
    Do some thing that are bad in life mean good things in dreams?

    Thank you! Augie is a great student and he would appreciate a response!

    Sarah Holdeman
    Denver, Colorado

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