Rich Men Dream More About Sex than the Rest of Us


And they may be better lucid dreamers to.  This and other tidbits were made plain in my research for the book American Dreamers.  What follows is some of the data that compares sleep, income, and dream content for individuals who mke less than $30/year to those who make more than $100k/year.

Sleep, dreams, and economic status

Income x Sleep

Less than $30k More than $100k
Sleep Less than 6 hours a night 24 6
6-8.9 hours a night 70 91
More than 9 hours a night 5 3
Insomnia Never 50 63
1-2 nights a week 20 21
3 or more nights a week 29 14

Income x Dream Prototypes

Less than $30k More than $100k
A person who’s now dead appearing alive 39 40
Magically flying in the air 21 26
Being chased or attacked 40 49
Falling 47 52
Sexual experiences 40 50
Being in a situation exactly like your regular waking life 53 59
Being aware you’re dreaming and able to control the dream 36 51

I talk about work and economic factors in chapter 5.

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